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AWS Networking Basics: Learn Fundamentals

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 6 Jan 2024

Cisco SD Wan Training and Its Importance with UniNets

When it comes to designing efficient networks, Cisco networking comes first. This networking is designed to ensure the best compromise between the security of each local network and the amount of data required between each of the sub-networks.  We can’t deny the fact that since the time the basic structure of the local area network has been established, there has been a constant rise in its demand.

With the renovation in the bandwidth use, the type and amount of data being transferred from network to network and the type of use that we can see, designing a network is not an easy task as it used to be. It requires experienced and well-trained experts. That’s why many enterprises are on a lookout for experienced networking engineers who can design a perfect network for their businesses. This is where the importance of Cisco SD Wan training comes to play a vital role.

Cisco SD Wan Training?

SD-WAN is a software-defined technique. It is used to manage a wide area network (WAN). It is a blend of wide-area network (WAN) and software-defined network (SDN). It uses cloud-based technology in order for the following reasons:

● To simplify network designs

● To deploy advanced technology

● To increase the efficiency of IT professionals

Because of extensive benefits, today’s enterprises are using software-defined WAN to a great extent instead of traditional Wide area networks. Reason being, the Cisco-SD-WAN is a cloud-based WAN architecture that can allow enterprises to transform into digital and experience excellent cloud-based networking.

The training program of Cisco SD Wan can enable candidates to enhance network security, improve performance of applications, and increase business agility with lower bandwidth costs. The certification course is the best option for system integrator, system administrators, system installers, and network solution and network designers. It is an excellent option for IT professionals who are looking forward to career growth or those who are working within a company’s IT department and want to prove that they have required skills to maintain the network. Those who complete the Cisco SD Wan Training program have:

● The ability to install switched networks

● The knowledge to configure switched networks

● The skills to verify connections to remote sites within a Wide Area Network (WAN)

● The knowledge to troubleshoot problems within these switched networks

Besides these, the Cisco SD-WAN Training Course will enable you to:

● Deploy vEdge routers in a secure, extensible network

● Identify the numerous architecture

● Recognize components of Cisco SD-WAN solutions

● Configure and verify overlay routing in a secure network

● Create network traffic flow policies

● Ensure the secure, extensible network

When you enroll for the training, you will have in-depth knowledge of SD-WAN Solution Components, and you can learn about SD-WAN Solution, components and use, and skills to manage SD-WAN components. Also, you will be taught how to secure control plane operation, how to secure control plane deployment, how to secure data plane operation.  The training will also train you to deploy SD-WAN Template successfully.

Prerequisite to enroll for the training

There are certain criteria to fulfill in order to get enrolled in the Cisco SD Wan training program. The basic ones are that you should have a strong understanding of WAN technology, you should have a strong understanding of IP security, you should be familiar with transport layer security, and you should have proper knowledge and understanding of routing protocol operation.


The rise of Cisco network technology has changed the entire scenario of networking technology. It has given enhanced industry security. So, adapting to this next generation cloud-based WAN architecture through Cisco SD-WAN certification and training is a must for those who want to have a bright future as a networking engineer.

Vanshika Sharma

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