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Palo Alto Firewall Training Live Course

Palo Alto Firewall Training Live Course

in Palo Alto
★★★★★ 5.00
33:20 Hours
8 Jun 2024
Not conducted
Fortinet SD-WAN Training: NSE7 Live Course

Fortinet SD-WAN Training: NSE7 Live Course

in FortiGate
★★★★★ 4.60
32:00 Hours
15 Jun 2024
Not conducted
Fortinet NSE Training Live Online Course

Fortinet NSE Training Live Online Course

in FortiGate
★★★★★ 4.64
32:00 Hours
6 Jul 2024
Text course Cisco ASA VPN Lab Workbook for Practice

Cisco ASA VPN Lab Workbook for Practice

in Cisco Security
★★★★★ 5.00
16:40 Hours
10 Apr 2024
Text course Cisco Firepower Lab Workbook Online

Cisco Firepower Lab Workbook Online

in Cisco Security
★★★★★ 5.00
16:40 Hours
28 Mar 2024


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About Network Security 

With the increased use and exposure to the digital world, Network Security has become one of the major concerns nowadays.

As the name suggests, Network security refers to securing the Network Infrastructure, data, and resources from any unwanted or unauthorized breach. It includes protecting the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of computer networks and the data stored.

Importance of Network Security

A Network is the key for communicating and exchanging data within an organization or between organizations. As a result, it elevates the risks of data breaches. And here comes the Network security in the picture. 

Network and security involve a combination of technical solutions, policies, and best practices to create a robust defense against a wide range of cyber threats. Constant attacks may lead to malfunctioning and even crashing down of the system.

Hence, it is important to create a strong defense against hackers to stop them from stealing or misusing the data.

Career and Growth as a Network Security Engineer

A career as a Network Security Engineer can be rewarding and offers many opportunities for continuous growth and development. One can start their career in Network and security with some entry-level positions like Network Support Technician and security Analyst to grow in the field to become a Security Architect. 

Network security courses and training will lead you to attain the best Network security certificates that can help you grow in the:

1. Get hired in MNCs easily with a Network Security course and certificate:

In recent times, with the increase in cyberattacks, the demand for Security professionals has also increased. Multi-national companies always seek candidates having Network security certificates proving their skills.

2. Get the desired Salary hike and growth with the Network Security course and certificate: 

Earning the skills and certification in the respective field increases your chances of getting the highest possible hike percentage in your salary. Assuring the quality of your work through Network security Certification courses leads to an increase in your value in the market.

Vendor Technologies in Network and Security

We have segregated network security courses and training into sub-categories based on vendors' technology or their names.

Each of these vendors offers many network security certifications.

1. PaloAlto

The courses under this sub-category are about Palo Alto security solutions which emphasize firewall configurations, threat prevention, and network segmentation.  Master Palo Alto's technologies and strategies for robust network protection. Master firewalls and understand how to stop threats in their tracks.

2. FortiGate

The FortiGate courses teach you all about using FortiGate's security concepts. You will also explore and understand how to use FortiGate tools to make networks more secure for an organization.

Getting practical hands-on lab scenarios in these training courses helps you to set up and configure firewall rules to protect the network. FortiGate also offers certification courses on software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) which is gaining popularity along with many other certification courses.  

3. Checkpoint

In the Checkpoint sub-category, you will find courses on navigating Checkpoint's innovative security platforms, mastering firewall administration, policy management, and advanced threat prevention.

Learn to secure networks effectively using Checkpoint's solutions. Explore Checkpoint's solutions. Learn to manage firewalls and create strong security plans. 

4. Cisco Security

In Cisco Security Courses, you will deep dive into Cisco's renowned security architectures, products, and solutions. It includes Cisco's next-generation firewalls, VPNs, intrusion prevention systems, etc.

This will equip you with skills to design and implement secure networks using Cisco technologies. Many Cisco security certifications are associated with these courses, and they are divided into levels such as associate, professional, and expert.  

5. Juniper Security

Discover Juniper's advanced security technologies and platforms.  Master firewall configurations, threat detection, and security policies, ensuring optimal protection and performance of network infrastructures using Juniper's solutions. Understand Juniper's tools and practices. Learn to set up defenses and protect networks effectively. 

In conclusion, our network security courses delivered by experts teach you from basics to advance with hands-on labs. This will equip you with the skills required to earn certifications and grow in the security field. Join us and start a great career.

Top 5 Network Security Courses & Duration 

Course Name


Cisco Firepower Training Live Online Palo Alto Lab Guide: Mastery on Firewall40 Hours
Palo Alto Firewall Training Live Courses 40 Hours
CCNP SISE Training Live Online Course 32 Hours
Fortinet Firewall Training Live Course32 Hours
F5 ASM Training Live Online Course 32 Hours


It depends on the complexity of the course. In general, it ranges from 4hrs to 50hrs of training.
Basic knowledge of VPN, firewalls, analytical and problem-solving abilities and etc.
Network security online training will help you understand concepts like virtual private networks (VPNs), access controls, cryptography, firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention, risk management, security policies, and incident response.
Yes, there are a number of Network security online training courses available online. You can enroll in any of the UniNet's online training programs to earn the knowledge required to become a Network security professional.
Depending upon the experience and network and security skills, the salary ranges from 10LPA to 28LPA.
Career opportunities depend on the level of education, experience, and certifications achieved. It includes Network Security Engineer, Security Analyst, Security Consultant, Incident Responder, Security Architect, and more.


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#What our customers say about us

Meghna Raj

Meghna Raj

System Administrator at Amazon

"Instructors are well qualified and highly experienced and their training videos reflects their knowledge. I have experienced the SD-WAN, Nexus 9k and ACI videos of few instructors here."

Nirupam Jaisawal

Nirupam Jaisawal

Network Technician at Cisco

"I preferred a complete course package for F5 local traffic manager. This is awesome opportunity for learners who want to learn full course with live training videos, lab materials and virtual labs."

Mohit Bhardwaj

Mohit Bhardwaj

Sr. Network Engineer

I learned the enterprise networking through CCIE course here. Instructor is very nice and his ability to explain everything is great. The best part is virtual labs, workbooks and of-course instructors.

Nwabudike Augustine

Nwabudike Augustine

Network engineer

Instructors at UniNets are highly professionals and most of them are working. So, learning from working professionals gives extra knowledge.

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