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40% Offer Cisco SD-WAN Course with Online Lab

Cisco SD-WAN Course with Online Lab

in Cisco Enterprise
★★★★★ 4.75
28:20 Hours
19 Mar 2024
$140.89 $234.82
Cisco ACI Training Live Online Course

Cisco ACI Training Live Online Course

in Cisco Data Center
★★★★★ 5.00
32:00 Hours
2 Mar 2024
CCNA Course: Online Live Cisco Training

CCNA Course: Online Live Cisco Training

in Cisco Enterprise
★★★★★ 5.00
50:00 Hours
6 Apr 2024


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About IT infrastructure 

IT infrastructure is the soul of a business. It enables a company to build and run applications that bind the business.

In core networking, the major pillars of IT infrastructure are namely hardware, software, networking components, operating systems, and data storage.

Uninets-associated instructors deliver training on various basic to advanced IT infrastructure courses. These trainings are most helpful and suitable for laying the foundation for upcoming network engineers.

Instructors not only cover the traditional technologies but also offer cloud, security, and operations infrastructure training courses. 

Importance of IT  infrastructure

Modern IT infrastructure can help businesses gather real-time data that can be used to make decisions immediately.

Provide businesses with the tools to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently by accessing knowledge bases, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and other tools.

Therefore, IT infrastructure is important in industries where things change quickly.  


Investing in fast and reliable hardware can help businesses quickly get the necessary information that is possible with UniNets IT infrastructure training courses and certifications.   

 Career and Growth an IT Infrastructure Engineer 

IT and its underlying infrastructure power every aspect of modern businesses, governments, militaries, and economies.  


IT infrastructure training offers a transition into different roles, like   a DevOps role, software engineering, data analytics, or machine learning much easier helping you to secure a career. 

1. Get hired in MNCs easily with an IT infrastructure course and certificate.  

IT infrastructure professionals are in high demand, and those interested in pursuing that career path can expect to enjoy highly rewarding careers if they develop the right skills and abilities which can be easily acquired through our IT infrastructure courses. 

  Some important job profiles related to this field:   

·        IT Project Manager   

·        Network Consultant  

·        Network Specialist  

·        IT Advisor and Auditor 

·        Network Operations Manager     

·        Network Design Engineer  


·        Network Implementation Engineer 

2. Get the desired Salary hike and growth with IT infrastructure certifications and courses.  

The average salary for an IT Infrastructure Engineer with less than one year of experience up to 8 years ranges from 2.2 lacs to 35 lacs with an average of 5.6 lacs per annum.

Candidates who keep updating themselves with the latest technologies and courses available on uninets platform, get much higher growth in their careers.

Eligibility and Criteria to become an IT infrastructure engineer or Professional  

* It is good to have a degree in a computer-related subject but not a must.  


* Becoming an Infrastructure Engineer is a journey that requires a blend of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and a deep understanding of modern IT environments. 


* Our experienced instructors can help you get such skills and talents through intensive live IT infrastructure Training courses.   


* If you are willing to learn, you can touch heights with our help by enrolling in our IT infrastructure course for a bright future.  

Know about the offered Domains in IT Infrastructure 

A. Juniper enterprise:

Juniper Networks, Inc. is the leader in high-performance networking companies (recently acquired by HP).   

It has a range of courses for professionals to upgrade their skills in networking, security, and data center infrastructure.  

The training can be either live or self-paced (you can choose whichever you prefer) with hands-on and includes both theoretical and practical.  

It helps participants gain a deep understanding of Juniper technologies. 

B. VMware:

Dive deep into VMware's suite of cloud and virtualization technologies, including vSphere, vCenter, and more with our IT infrastructure training course.

Our live and self-paced courses by well-known faculties are going to help you get your VMware infrastructure Certifications like a cakewalk. 

C. F5 networks 

 F5 is a load balancer. It helps you to make your apps full proof devoid of any vulnerability. This has become a norm in our industry.  

By gaining this F5 network training on our side you are going to be in a better place in your organization.  

This is a very good IT infrastructure certification that is going to help you in the future as well as the present.   

D. Riverbed  

With the help of our training courses, candidates are expected to be proficient in riverbed technologies. Our esteemed instructors deliver both live online and recorded training which will be worth your time and money.   

E. Aruba  

Aruba is a leading provider of next-generation network access solutions that is going to be thoroughly discussed in our in-depth IT infrastructure training courses.

F. CompTIA 

CompTIA Certification is another best IT infrastructure Certification that we our trainers deliver. These courses have better job prospects than any other, especially at the beginning of your career. 

G. Citrix  

With renowned IT infrastructure courses such as Citrix you will be a market leader there is no doubt about that.  

You can become a master of these technologies with the help of the many courses offered by expert instructors on our platform.  

H. Windows   

Microsoft Windows courses cover aspects of managing and administering the Windows operating system. They also include many Windows applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

 Our certified and expert instructors deliver these courses which are beneficial for anyone looking to improve their knowledge of the Windows operating system or its applications.  

I. Linux

 Linux is always popular among developers and the student community. it is a free operating system however learning various aspects of Linux including command lines, scripts, etc. is challenging.  

We have expert trainers who love to offer training on Linux and its associated many courses for anyone who wants to learn and grow in his career.    

J: Cisco data center

Cisco is one of the crucial players in the data center environment because of its wide range of solutions in IT infrastructure and networking specially designed to suit data center requirements.

This includes switches, routers, SDN, servers, etc for optimizing the data center with services like scaling, working, and securing the given data. 

K: Juniper data center 

Juniper also offers encompassing data center solutions, including switches, routers, firewalls, SDN, and many more that target network infrastructure by securing and automating it.

It meets the modern world requirements of cloud framework. It has many merits such as safety, Scalability, efficiency, and performance. 


L: Cisco enterprise

Cisco enterprise has comprehensive solutions for solving business problems through its products and services. It includes switches, routers, Wireless access points, SDN, and several others. It assures safety, dependability, and connectivity while performing various tasks. 

Top 5 IT Infrastructure Courses & Duration

Cisco SD-WAN Training Live Online Course32 Hours
Cisco ACI Training Live Online Course32 Hours
CCNA Course: Online Live Cisco Training50 Hours
Cisco SD-WAN SDWFND Live  Training 40 Hours


 There are many jobs available in IT infrastructure. We are offering several courses and after competing you will be able to land your dream job as a system administrator, network engineer, infrastructure analyst etc.
IT infrastructure is a very popular course since it is important to provide scalable and secure services such as data storage and compute resources in business and this will definitely help.
We offer different courses on IT infrastructure at an extremely Discounted price.
Our IT infrastructure courses are very vast and covers all the major topics. Our instructors are best in what they do. So, chances are you are going to get a good knowledge about this area.
Our instructors are having live classes as well as there are forums that are dedicated for your doubts. We also hold exclusive doubt clearing classes.
The importance is on your knowledge not the certificate however we still get asked to present our certificate on numerous occasions. Our IT infrastructure course certificate is very much valid everywhere.


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