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 About Automation 

Automation is the talk of the town as it seems to be the answer to all the worries relating to cost, time, and money. With IT automation it is possible to create software for automating the systems to perform repeatable tasks with minimum human intervention.

The mantra is to operate automatically with little or no human help. This is the last and final call for manual software engineers to switch to automation. Hope you are listening. Join our automation courses today not tomorrow.  

Role of automation  

_Optimization of process, time, and cost  

_Improve quality, efficiency, and productivity  

_Improved safety and security  

Importance of Automation in Your Career  

 ★They can help you get rid of mundane tasks and focus on high-value activities  

★ On-demand running of scripts  

★Reduction in errors  

★Rewards for your specialized skills as an automation engineer. Technically Automation engineer gets paid more than a traditional web developer  

★Increased customer satisfaction  

★Improved employee morale  

★Sustainable to the organization and environment  

★Cornerstone for quality assurance  

Career growth as an Automation Engineer  

1. Get hired in MNCs easily with an Automation course and certificate

Considering the merits of automation the industry is scurrying towards hiring someone skilled in automation courses. There is an increase in demand for this category. Some important job roles in this field are 


-Data scientist  

-Computer programmer  

-Automation engineer  

-Cyber security specialist  

2. Get the desired Salary hike and growth with the Automation course and certificate: 

Know your worth as an automation software engineer and demand your dues. There is no cap with an average pay scale of 6.3 lacs per annum. 


3. Eligibility  


There is no age bar for our automation training or getting a certificate. If you go for a job companies prefer you to have a graduation or master's so we will advise you to have the same  


4. Level of understanding  


Automation courses is very easy to understand for anyone willing to put time and effort into it. However, you need some time to get to know it in depth.   


5. Significance of automation  


Automation has affected various aspects of our life. It may lead to the displacement of certain jobs, but it will also cause an increase in the growth of certain industries by creating new opportunities through Improved efficiency in doing various tasks.  


We must learn to adapt to these changes and focus on developing skills that complement automation to ensure a prosperous future for all.  

Selecting a good automation course suitable for you

This will depend on a variety of factors. First and foremost what is your need? If you are a beginner, choose something basic and not advanced, always stay in touch with our professional counselors who will help you to select one automation certification course that is suitable for you.  

Reasons for joining the automation training

-Increase in job demand for automation professionals 

-Higher salaries and rewards for skilled automation professionals 

- Job security  

- Chance to work with cutting-edge technologies  

-Ability to streamline and optimize the processes  

- Overall increase in productivity and efficient 


Uninets is discovering, learning, and teaching the market so that we can bring knowledge to our pupils.  


We are covering some major aspects of automation in our training courses that are going to help you to get updated and abreast with the market.  

Know about the offered Domains in Automation

A. Network Automation : 

It means using software, scripts, and other tools to automate the complex or repetitive tasks in network infrastructure. Network Automation enables faster response to changes and maintains optimal network performance.  

We offer the most eligible automation courses that you need that will help you in securing a good standing in our job market. 

B. Artificial intelligence  

AI means replacing human diligence with artificial intelligence. It learns, solves problems, makes decisions, and even understands natural language. It can be seen anywhere and everywhere.  

C.  Machine learning : 

It is a subset of AI making the decisions based on the data. It involves developing algorithms and models to identify patterns, make decisions, and take actions without giving any explicit commands.  

D. Data science 


It is a vast area encompassing machine learning, statistics, data mining, and data visualization. It is an interdisciplinary field that extracts knowledge and insights from structured as well as unstructured data.  


Data scientist aids an organization in making informed decisions based on the collected raw data using various tools and techniques, so they maintain their competitive edge.  

E. Cisco Devnets

Cisco Devnets is a program designed especially for developers and professionals to create applications as well as integrate them with Cisco products, platforms, and APIs.

This offers numerous solutions for developing and sustaining the projects. They provide resources, tools, and techniques to assist the developers in finding solutions using Cisco products

F. Cisco DevOps

It is a unique method of combining software development and IT operation to save time and ensure high-quality software delivery. using DevOps can help the organization work faster and more efficiently and find innovative solutions.

It includes automating, collaborating, and monitoring to smoothen the process of using, controlling, and scaling the services and applications easily in the Cisco atmosphere. 


We offer a variety of training courses, and more is yet to come. You can choose anyone that is suitable to your needs. For example, we give you training on python one of the most common programming languages used in automaton.
You can access the automation courses through register our website. We have made it in our mission to help you reach heights.
These are widely recognised certificate. Since we have been one of the oldest players in online education .
The prices of the courses depend on a variety of factors like the course instructor, Duration, delivery method. Our courses are offered at a discounted rate for our students.
Uninets have pledged to help you secure a good job. Our goals are not short term but aims to help you in the future job changes. We will also help you to meet current challenges in your profession. 


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#What our customers say about us

Mohit Bhardwaj

Mohit Bhardwaj

Sr. Network Engineer

I learned the enterprise networking through CCIE course here. Instructor is very nice and his ability to explain everything is great. The best part is virtual labs, workbooks and of-course instructors.

Nwabudike Augustine

Nwabudike Augustine

Network engineer

Instructors at UniNets are highly professionals and most of them are working. So, learning from working professionals gives extra knowledge.

Santosh kumar

Santosh kumar

Design and Implementation Engineer

I obtained live training on CCIE Enterprise and BGP MPLS to enhance my skills. Practical labs are awesome where workbooks make easy to use labs. 

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