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Why AWS: Choose & Use

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 6 Jan 2024

AWS offers the widest diversification of database that are customized for different types of applications so you will be able to opt the acceptable tool for the job to get the most effective price and performance.

Amazon Web services facilitate a company or individual to create an advanced application, to deliver content, reckon power, store database or some another practical.

1. Associate tier:

● Certified Solutions Architect Associate

● Certified Developer Associate

● Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

2. Professional tier:

● Certified Solutions Architect Professional

● DevOps Professional

3. Specialty tier:

● Security

● Advanced Networking

● Big Data

Why AWS?

It control and manage several AWS accounts for your institution or organization. AWS defend your infrastructure from threats and secure your data that overall enhance the performance of your applications. It also design massive informations for AWS cloud and perceive several architectural designs for scaling an oversized website. Because it is very easy to use and has no capacity limit thus it offers you safe and reliable data.

● Fastest growing cloud computing platform

● Easy to use

● No capacity limit

● Secure and reliable

● High performance

Generally, gaining a certification can provide some huge cons. If you’re on the fence about getting your AWS certification, consider some of these major benefits:

● Increase in salary

● High demand within the job market

● Latest knowledge of the domain

● Opens doors to new avenues

● Emerging Networking Opportunities

Cloud is the Future

Being in demand cloud computing is requirement of one or the other offices these days as Just like clouds are everywhere on the sky and sky seems incomplete without it. As the technology has been upgraded there is nothing in technology world which is beyond the reach of cloud. AWS provides everything from hosting a mini website to running a full fledge data center like a cloud do.

Cloud Computing is a technology that has evolved and will remain for some time is one of the major reason for having a cloud certification like AWS Certification. Organizations are interested to invest more and more into it as it is becoming easy to access, safe, and cheap. It is anticipated that by 2020 cloud will be a default model and Organizations with non cloud infrastructure will stop to exist. So if you are learner or a fresh graduate its best time to get AWS certification to assure your future.

Benefits for freelancer and employer

Rather from students, AWS certification course is greatly helpful for workers and freelancer. It provides the greatest chance in order that it may be able to recognize enough operating experience with AWS training. It includes digital batches in order that you will remain an expert aspirant after finishing the course. This surely helps freelancer candidates to participate in huge projects by having certification. If you are searching for online resources, it should guide to supply badges as per the choice. Most companies are updating with the proper skills for attending AWS coaching suitable for your future goals. It should gain the confidence of purchasers in obtaining AWS projects.

A Great range of opportunities

AWS training course raises the bar for you when you apply for employment. With the certification in hand, your possibilities to acquire employment rise.

Apart from the above reasons, the employment market in the field of AWS has risen tremendously. If we Compare the employment ratio in the particular field it had been expected that the coming year will bring an increase of about 45% and an improved salary for AWS certified professionals.

When such great marvelous results are expected, you can spend your cash and time on AWS certification. It is worthwhile in today’s energetic moving world. 

Simple management

It is believed that Cloud computing was fictitious within the sixties however it absolutely was introduced to the industry only in 2006. Firstly, only the professionals were allowed to use it. Now, the barrier to entry has considerably minimized. There is hardly any technical information that is required as you get the cons of not having to worry regarding the technical aspect of things and target on the project itself. You can manage your server with an easy control panel that holds the entire essential characteristic to build a strong online presence.

A Good Thing for Resume

Your resume would be upgraded if you have an AWS certification at your resume and will have a positive impact on your employer. Though it should not guarantee employment however it will definitely facilitate your resume in crossing several barriers until it reaches the interview table. Since most of all corporations providing AWS solutions want certified AWS designer, developer and system admin for different posts, having AWS certification is significant for positions associated with AWS

A Rise in Pay

AWS is widely known as top certification in terms of salary. If you are searching for a certification in year 2020, AWS is going to be one amongst your things to try in year 2020. With AWS certification you can considerably boost your pay that is not possible without having it. Apart from that having AWS certification will provide you edge over your colleagues who don’t have certification.

Vanshika Sharma

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