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Best Hardware Load Balancer: Top Choices

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 6 Jan 2024

Load balancers are device that distribute incoming network / application traffic across multiple servers. As name suggest load balancers used to improve network efficiency by dividing network traffic into many separate servers.

Load balancers apply different method to divide network traffic and application traffic among multiple servers. Load balancer request multiple servers to distribute network loads and reduces network loads from a single server, due to this feature it improves overall network application availability and responsiveness.

Due to load balancer features, enterprises prefer to integrate this technology which enhance their network performance, security and adoptability. Load balancing is known as best method to scale out an application server infrastructure. As application demands more servers, new servers can be added and load balancer will start immediately distributing traffic to the new severs.

Today we are going to discuss about top in-demand load balancer technology courses where you can opt one of them and make your career more bright in IT industry.

F5 Load balancer Courses:

UniNets offer F5 load balancer training in classroom and online. Thousands of candidates have been trained from institute in F5 LTM (Local Traffic Manager), F5 GTM (Global Traffic Manager) and F5 ASM (Application Security Manager).

F5 load balancer used to improve reliability of applications. They reduce the burden of servers associated with managing applications and network sessions to improve overall performance of applications.

Load balancers are generally grouped in two layers / categories – Layer 4 and layer 7. Both types of load balancers receive request to distribute traffic on different servers based on configured algorithm. There are some algorithms:

● Round Robin

● Least Connections

● Weighted Round Robin

● Least Response Time

F5 Networks known as leader of Web Application Firewalls due to great offerings. F5 services available for appliance and public cloud where F5 networks believes in enable their customers to ensure all web applications with application security options.

Web application firewall technology enables security professionals secure their networks from malware attacks, enable them to apply security defenses like bot detection and behavioral analytics. Due to these kind of extra innovative defense mechanism, F5 achieved the highest possible score in the Forrester Wave in the attack Response and execution road map criteria.

You can get hands-on experience with UniNets F5 online training program with industry expert trainers.

Citrix Netscaler Certification Course:

Citrix Netscaler is known as web application delivery controller (ADC which enables applications more faster by distributing overloading server traffic into the multiple servers. This is one of the most usable load balancer with over 10,000,000 site in the world. Some of their customers are Microsoft, CNET,, etc.

Citrix Netscaler has been deployed and implemented in millions of networks worldwide.

Citrix NetScaler is known as enterprise based solution for server load balancing. It is classified as full featured ADC (Application Delivery Controller). It is widely used load balancing mechanism in the world where approx 8 out of 10 websites are using NetScaler. Approx 75% internet users are hitting NetScaler on daily basis.

We are industry leader in Citrix NetScaler training, offer online and classroom training for candidates. We provide 24*7 lab access, working professional trainers, workbook, one-to-one session, virtual racks. We designed our course program based on practical experiences where candidates get hands-on experience on how to enhance application performance, how to secure networks and adaptability integration.

Riverbed Course Training:

Riverbed is considered as one of the best optimizer and load balancer which is widely used by enterprise networks. We offer Riverbed load balancing in WAN optimization. Not only it enhances your skills in WAN optimization but it increases your industry value. It is known as Steal head with WAN optimization, virtualization and storage consolidation which enable enterprises to meet their needs of the data centers, etc.

Time to wrap up:

Scale up your skills with top most demanding load balancer technology training in IT industry.

We are not only training institute but we delivering skills and knowledge to the candidates with current demanding technologies. Make your career with industry experts.

Vanshika Sharma

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