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F5 Networks

F5 Networks Certification Training Courses

26 Courses
Course LTM Training Course: Gain F5 Skills

LTM Training Course: Gain F5 Skills

in F5 Networks
★★★★★ 4.99
16:40 Hours
8 May 2024
Course F5 APM Virtual Lab for Hands-On Practice

F5 APM Virtual Lab for Hands-On Practice

in F5 Networks
★★★★★ 5.00
50:00 Hours
11 Jun 2024
Course F5 BIG-IQ Virtual Lab for Online Access

F5 BIG-IQ Virtual Lab for Online Access

in F5 Networks
★★★★★ 5.00
50:00 Hours
11 Jun 2024


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About F5 Networks Certification

F5 Networks is an  American company that specializes in application delivery technologies. It offers a variety of products and services to make the best use of the application's security, performance, and availability in IT infrastructure. 

F5 network certification helps an individual with the necessary skills and expertise in using and managing F5 solutions.  

Why Choose F5 Training

F5 Certifications are highly trending it fuels the transformation of overall application security and makes the organization ready for the AI era. F5 was named to CRN's Security 100 List to be counted as one of the top security vendors. 

F5 is the only vendor with complete solutions for customers who have deployed apps on-Perm in multiple clouds and at the edge. 

F5's recent partnership with Visa is a good indicator of their success in securing good clients.  

The following are some other reasons to choose F5 training  

1. These efficient Mesh links, safeguards, and handover applications cover numerous clouds and edge locations.  

2. It is of a kind, dispersed, representative, and zero-trust framework that continuously Improves safety all the while giving application entry without connectivity passage beyond Clusters and sites.  

3. Simplifying the way Edge operates by focusing on application in the place of architecture. The way cloud and private data centers are connected to every edge for quick and dependable connectivity everywhere is another significant merit of choosing F5.


4. Security blanket from the point of edge to the cloud for framework and apps minimizing the level of risk and improving the productivity for SREs and DevOps. 

5. Less deployment cost, operating cost, and downtime application at the edge which helps in the optimization of overall performance.  

6. Good ecosystems of platform support and Cloud alliance partners.  

7. Automation of infrastructure and uniting the clouds for apps and clients.  

8. Managing and scaling the edge quickly and safely. 

9. F5 offers a good way to deliver cloud-based hi-tech app amenities.  

10. Use and control internationally dispersed apps at the edge just as effortlessly as the cloud.  

F5 network certification helps you get updated on the current market trends and technologies. With F5 it is easier to grow business without being concerned with security and application performance risks.  

What You'll Learn in F5 Courses

F5 offers numerous courses that provide knowledge and training to use, set up, and control F5 products. 

The following are the various products you will learn under this F5 course.  

1. Big-IP 

Under this various aspects like administering Big I-P, configuring Big-IP Advanced WAFS bundle as well as administration of Big IP and automation of Big I-P using Ansible, AS3 are covered.  

2. Big-IQ 

This course teaches configuration, administration, and deployment of Big-IQ. This also included DCD and central management of these technologies.

3. Distributed Cloud  

Here one can understand how to use, safeguard, and control apps in a data center located in the cloud whether public or private at the network or edge using the F5 Distributed Cloud system.  

4. F5 systems  

Fundamental understanding of F5 rSeries elements its configuration, F5 Velo's platform and its configuration, important features of the rSeries, and others.  


Configuration of NGINX and its administration for web services and load balancing using NGINX. It also covers how to drive away weaknesses using the NGINX app.  

Certification Path 

F5 training courses provide sufficient skills in maneuvering the whole application stack from older information to the higher level application layer knowledge. 

The role-based training like administration, sales, product specialization, and solutions are given under this purview  

The following is the F5 networks certification path that has to be followed in gaining relevant skills in F5 Networks 

1. Certified Administrator: 

F5 Certified BIG-IP is an entry-level course for configuring and controlling Big-IP products.  

2. Certified Technical Professional - Sales :

This is a certification that validates professional skills while deploying the F5 products and solutions.  

3. Certified Technical Specialists :  

* Big-IP LTM (Local Traffic Manager) - Certifies excellence in the area of load balancing, SSL offloading, etc. 

* Big-IP DNS ( Domain Name System) - IT certifies the skills in using the DNS and Big-IP 

* Big-IP ASM (Application Security Manager) - Learning and deep understanding of Application Security Manager and using it during cyber attacks.  

*Big-IP APM( Access Policy Manager) - Training on Access Policy Manager and  Gaining knowledge on managing remote access while maintaining safety with features like SSO.  

4. Certified Solutions Expert: 

Security and Cloud are the  2 aspects of training under this. This is the highest and most complicated level of certification under F5. 

The candidates undergo vigorous training on deployment management of the F5 security solutions and the entire cloud track

The above-mentioned f5 big IP training courses will help you pave the way for becoming a certified F5 network professional.  

Hands-on training 

We provide Hands-on training and workshops for F5 courses to be familiar with the technology. Besides that, we have an extensive community support forum so that you can get answers to queries instantly.  

The complete F5 training involving live classes, video courses, and textbook courses can help you get to know the various technologies ineptly.  

Besides this, we have workbooks, 24/7 virtual labs, and multiple practice tests that are going to help you in the present as well as the future. The instructors who are providing F5 networks certification training are highly qualified professionals.  

Career Opportunities 

F5 Certification supplies essential knowledge, advances your career, improves your responsibility, aids in job development as well as gives ample opportunities for networking amongst your peers. 

There are several career opportunities available for those who get trained in F5 Networks. The following are a few of such roles Network administrator, system administrator, security engineer, cloud architect, and application developer.  

A basic F5 Network Engineer earns more than $130000. Similarly, an F5 System Administrator gets around $ DC 110000 annually. The average salary of an F5 Security Specialist is $140000. The annual income of a F5 cloud solutions architect is about 150000. 

Top 3 F5 courses 

F5 DNS Certification Training: Full Course

Best F5 BIG IP LTM Certification Training

F5 BIG-IQ Virtual Lab for Online Access


These courses are training programs provided by F5 to configure, manage and troubleshoot F5 products and services. 
They educate on a variety of topics such as Bi IP congratulations, application delivery cloud integration and security. 
People who work in IT namely Network Administrator, Network engineer, cloud architect can reap the benefits of doing the course by being a leader in their own organization. 
Basic courses have no demands at all however advanced courses may demand you to have prior experience in the networking domain. 
F5 training ranges from basic to advanced according to their knowledge and experience. They start from groundwork Principles of F5 network to becoming a maestro of F5 Technologies and solutions. 


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