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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Courses & Certification

11 Courses
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AWS Practitioner Certification Training

AWS Practitioner Certification Training

in Amazon AWS
★★★★★ 5.00
32:00 Hours
13 Apr 2024
Not conducted
Google Cloud Engineer Certification Live

Google Cloud Engineer Certification Live

in Google Cloud Platform
★★★★★ 5.00
33:20 Hours
16 Mar 2024


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Cloud Computing Courses


Welcome to Uninets, it’s a cloud computing academy. Here you find the best cloud computing courses and related resources helpful for engineering cloud computing technologies.

Our carefully designed curriculums exceed the expectations of professionals as well as beginners to acquire expert-level skills and knowledge needed to succeed in this domain.

Pre-requisite for Cloud Courses

You should have working knowledge of computers and the Internet. However, these are more beneficial for graduates and experienced professionals.

Why Learn Cloud Computing

It has changed the way businesses operate. It is an innovation to help organizations save their physical resources and make them cost-efficient.

Services like servers, networks, software, and data storage are available over the Internet without investing in building data centers.

Here the users of these services have the flexibility to pay only for the amount or part of the resource they use instead of paying for the whole IT infrastructure.

Because of the cost-effectiveness, organizations are moving to cloud services; therefore there is a great need for such engineers and architects in the market. 

What You’ll Learn

Our large collection of cloud computing courses for various vendors (Amazon, Microsoft, and Google)

covers a range of training topics including, but not limited to

• Cloud Computer Architecture

• Cloud Technology Architecture

• Cloud Networking Basics and Advance

• Cloud Programming

• Cloud Security

How You’ll Learn

Our experienced and certified instructors carefully develop self-paced videos and online live classes covering the end-to-end syllabus.

Uninets instructors deliver cloud courses online in four different ways

• Live Online Classes – In this mode, the trainer pre-schedule his live classes with the specific content

covered in that session. All our live batches have start and end dates, makes it convenient for the users to book classes as per the availability.

• One to One Live Classes – Candidates can book one-to-one sessions with the instructor (based on his availability). These sessions can be very useful for clearing doubts or getting job support from our expert instructors.

• Corporate Online Live Batches – The organization can book trainers on weekdays to conduct live online batches for their employees.

• Self-Paced Recorded Videos – Candidates can enroll in the video cloud courses online who want to study on their own time. These are very powerful way to upgrade yourself by self-study. 

Major Cloud Platforms - Sub-Categories

As mentioned earlier, cloud technology is a bunch of services delivered by a service provider who manages all the services at their end. Currently, in the market, there are mainly three providers Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

They are the major players in this industry, therefore all the cloud computing courses revolve around them. However, there are other vendors available like Digital Ocean, IBM, Cisco, and so on.

Here is a brief introduction to the major cloud service providers:

Amazon AWS: This is the largest cloud platform in the world, deep dive into the world of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and learn how to build, deploy, and manage applications on the AWS platform.

Using our AWS curriculums, you expect to have skills in areas like Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce), IAM, AWS CodeDeploy and so on.

Microsoft Azure: Explore Microsoft Azure and discover how to design and implement cloud solutions using Azure services.

Using our Azure curriculums, professionals or beginners gain skills in Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database, Virtual Network (VNet), Azure Machine Learning, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure DevOps Services, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and so on.

Google Cloud Platform: Master Google Cloud Platform and learn how to leverage its tools and services to build scalable and reliable cloud applications.

Our GCP cloud computing online courses train the personnel for the tools and processes used in GCP. You gain skills like Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),

Cloud DNS, TensorFlow on GCP, Dataflow, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Cloud Source Repositories, and so on.

Cloud Computing Certifications

In this competitive world where everyone wants to grow faster in their career, these certifications are the best choice. They demonstrate an individual’s expertise and skills in cloud technologies, platforms, and services.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) are among the top vendors that offer these certifications which are increasingly in demand in the IT industry.

Whether you are a beginner to start your career or a professional struggling to grow, these certifications or skills are most useful for success nowadays.

Some of the most popular cloud computing certifications include:

• AWS Certified Solutions Architect – You will get expertise in EC2, S3, and many other cloud technologies for designing, implementing, and operating the AWS platform.

• Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate – It validates your expertise in computing, storage, security, and others for implementing, managing, and monitoring the Azure platform.

• Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect – Validates the ability to design and plan cloud solution architecture on the Google Cloud Platform.

• CompTIA Cloud+ – Provides a broad understanding of cloud concepts and principles.

• Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) by ISC2 - It focuses on cloud security principles, practices, and technologies.

Our perfectly prepared and developed cloud computing online courses and live training will not only help you get certification but also provide you an in the in-depth hands-on knowledge and expertise required to enter this industry.

Career Opportunities

Every organization looks for ways to become more and more cost-efficient and cloud services make it easy for them to do their job. But to make all these services go well, the service providers also need skilled professionals.

The opportunities in this field, especially with cloud computing courses are vast.

The cloud certified professionals can expect to advance their careers in cloud-related roles such as

• Cloud Architects

• Cloud Developers

• Cloud Security specialists

• Cloud Administrators

All these job roles can offer you per annual package of:

• Beginner Level (0-2 Years’ experience): INR 3 Lacs to 6 Lacs

• Intermediate Level (3-6 Years’ experience): INR 7 Lacs to 15 Lacs

• Senior Level (7+ Years’ experience): INR 16 Lacs to 45 Lacs

Top 5 Cloud Computing Training Courses & Duration   

Top Network Security CoursesDuration
Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Course3:20hrs
AWS Practitioner Certification Training4:00hrs
MS  Azure Administrator Associate Training4:00hrs
Google Cloud Engineer Certification3:40hrs


The major cloud computing platforms are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and IBM Cloud.
It will help you enhance your skills and upgrade it according to the industry demand. This skill updating will lead you to achieve higher packages with excellent job roles.
UniNets offers the best cloud courses online for skill learning at your comfort pace.
Skills required to start your career are basics of IT, networking, and programming. Understanding Linux, scripting languages, and virtualization concepts can be helpful.
Definitely, hands-on experience will increase your proficiency in the real-world. Many cloud computing courses offer labs where you can gain hands-on experience.


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