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What is Dynamic Routing? EIGRP & OSPF

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 5 May 2024

Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is most popular IT certification in the world for many years. CCNA is an associate level of Cisco certification where it is known as a door to enter in networking field. This certification builds your networking foundation required for any enterprise to work. Becoming a Cisco Certified Network Associate is seen as prestigious moment for candidates where candidates are to be assumed as a person who are strong in basic networking fundamentals with hands-on experience on foundation level of networking.

Big problem is that many certified professionals are not unable to get their at least first job in IT industry. Why this is happening? Why enterprises are not interested to hire certified candidates. We will discuss in detail in this blog.

A research says there is shortage of skilled CCNA certified professionals whereas we can find many CCNA holders easily near us, but they are still looking for their first job in IT field. Why they are unable to convert these opportunities in their first job? There are few major reasons behind this but we are here to discuss only 3 reasons for CCNA certified professionals who are unable to get their first job.

Reason 1:

You Don’t Know How to Market and Present Yourself:

When candidates goes for interview they faces different round of interview including HR, Technical round. First off all if you are a certified CCNA professional then interviewer expect a lab based technical questions and answers, problems based technical questions and answers and situational based answers. You can answer these questions only if you have prepared yourself with lab based practices. You are not a ordinary candidates who are came to this interview but you are holding most prestigious certification, so their expectations are not big from you.

May be you have good knowledge about your field, probable you may have good experience but until you don’t know how you should market yourself, there is minimum chances to get selected. You need to deliver each answer with confidence and interviewer want to see these confidence in you.

You should be confident when facing interview with your answers. Your answers should be based on problems and their solutions. Interviewer only want to see you how much you are technical skilled. They knows this is foundational level but they want to hire those persons who could handle their networks in big role. So, candidates should prepare themselves as keeping these points in mind.

Reason 2:

You Apply to Job Exactly The Same Way As The Other Candidates (Your Approach is Same as Other Candidates)

Don’t forget you are CCNA certified and you are different from other candidates who are trying to get the same job. This will reflect from the initial steps when you apply for a job. Your resume will make a difference when you mentioned there each point with your working experience, technical knowledge, strong points or skills.

You are certified professional and you should apply for higher position jobs in enterprises. Your job application for higher position make your approach different. Interviewer like to see confident in candidates.

Initial HR round take place only for your introduction which tell them about your personality, work experience and other strong points. You can impress your interviewer with your attitude and positive energy.

It is very hard for interviewer to choose from the list and if you have extra mileage of your certification then you need to present yourself different from others. All is about of your story, how you will present in interview. Tell your story as a experienced professional.

Your technical interviewer is much more experienced than you and don’t make them confuse with your answers. Your each answers should be based on your technical lab based experience.

So, candidates should be apply for a job with different approach from scratch.

Reason 3:

Candidates Don’t Know How to Sell Yourself in Interview Process?

Really this is most helpful for those candidates who are failed to sell themselves. Candidates should know their value in terms of skills, knowledge, certification and demands. In face to face interview, interviewer checks your knowledge, skills, mentality and way of presentation. These all are very important for getting a job.

You need to influence the entire interview process on different level by your answers. In each level you need to show how you are rare and different from others based on your skills. Your certification plays rest of game then.

The last thing is that, your interviewer should forced to believe on that you are the right person for the position. You have extra knowledge and extra benefits of your CCNA certification.

Time to wrapup:

Now the time is to review your CCNA exam preparation and find the reason why you are unable to get a job.

Only getting CCNA certification is not a good idea because we have seen lot of candidates who could not get a single job after certification. So, the right way is exam preparation with hands-on lab experience on real Cisco devices which give you lot of confident. UniNets is one of the leading CCNA certification training institute which focus on only hands-on experience to all students. Our trainers are CCIE certified and working professionals who have more than 10 years of working experience in IT industry which ensure the training quality we provides.

We do not only focus to train students but we focus on the overall personality development with skills, knowledge and interview based training. We have trained hundreds of students in CCNA and most of them are working in top companies. You can contact us for free career advice any time. Our expert panel will help you to pass CCNA exams in first attempt with all technical skills required to get a job.

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