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Juniper Network Certification Opportunity

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 5 Jan 2024

The IT industry is owned by some big brands for their support related to Network, Security, Storage, Cloud, Automation and more. Companies like Cisco,, Google, Microsoft etc., are some quite famous brands for such support. But, there is one more company that has become a tough competition for these brands, i.e., JUNIPER Networks.

If you belong to the IT sector, it is important for you to be aware of this company and products of this brand, as these products are used worldwide for several purposes, from start-ups to big established companies.

Moving ahead with this, let’s know about the company first.

Juniper networks as a Company

The company, Juniper Networks was founded in 1996. Initially, it focused on Core Routers. These routers were used for directing internet traffic and IP address lookups which were used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Juniper Networks is known for their networking and security products which include, Routers, Switches, SDN (Software Defined Networks), Network Management tools and software, along with Network Security products.

It has been 25 years since the company’s foundation day, but always focused on new developments and adding new technology to the list of their products. As mentioned, it originally started with routers and later added edge routers for customized router service, IT security services with JProjects and many others in the list. At present, it is focusing on SDN.

Due to such versatile products and wide-range of services, Juniper managed to make its remarkable position in the market, that too world wide. Hence, many companies use their products for their ease and network-related management. This eventually led to the rise in the need for professionals for handling and troubleshooting these service-based products.

What do Juniper Certifications mean?

Till now, you got to know about the Juniper products and their popularity in the market. Also, the need for professionals to manage them. Therefore, to prepare individuals with such skills to make them eligible for managing the tools and products, Juniper offers several certifications.

Juniper Certifications are a certificate of credibility that is provided to individuals, proving their capability and eligibility of handing the Juniper products with ease and comfort.

The certifications are done at several levels and domains. There are numerous Juniper Certifications from which an individual can choose from and decide the stream he or she wants to follow.

These certifications are based on the skills required to manage the products, hence their objectives are also certification specified. One needs to clear the examination (includes theory and labs) to obtain the Juniper certification or to be called a Juniper Certified professional.

What are the Domains and Levels of Juniper Certifications?

The Juniper certification is related to the products offered by the company, hence, there are different tracks of certifications that can be followed to be the expert of that field.

1. Cloud

2. Data Center

3. Design

4. Automation & DevOps

5. Security

6. Service Provider Routing & Switching

7. Mist AI

8. Enterprise Routing & Switching

What are the Career options after Juniper Certifications?

Since there are so many certifications, each certificate has its own mastery and skill validation. Therefore, with each certification, you will land on different job profiles. Although, each of the certifications increase will help you get a reputed job the salary or pay scale will differ from stage to stage.

Like a Jupiter certified Architect will earn more than the Jupiter Certified Associate. Experiences and skills also play an important role in the pay cycle.

Talking about the job profiles in a general, here is the list of some designations one can acquire after getting the relevant Juniper certifications:-

● Juniper Routing & Switching Administrator Lead

● DevOps Engineer

● Network security specialist

● Senior Network Engineer

● Network Engineer

● System engineer

● Network Support Engineers

● Network Associate

● System Administrator

● Network Technician

There are several more opportunities depending upon the certification the candidate would choose.

How many levels of Juniper Certifications are there?

The certifications by Juniper are offered in 4 levels:-

1. Associate

2. Specialist

3. Professional

4. Expert

With the increase in levels, the responsibility and complexity increases as well, along with the growth scope obviously.

































Who Should Do Juniper Certifications?

Juniper Certifications comes in the category of well-reputed and demanded certification of recent times, hence opening many career options for people.

This certification is recommended for:

● For those who are looking to start their career: the associate level exams like JNCIA clouds, JNCIA DevOps etc could be a great option for those who want to start their career in the IT sector.

● Those who are looking for a job switch: without any second thoughts, the world of Networking and Security is very deep and interesting. Anyone who wants to switch his or her profile for something exciting reputed and highly paid, so these certifications can be your destination path.

● Those who want to get a great hike in salary or want to get promotions: technology never stops to grow, therefore it is your responsibility to keep on updating oneself for better opportunities. These certifications will help you grow faster by validating your skills and experience will be the cherry on the cake.

Preparations for Juniper Certification Examination

Well, if the certification is making you get a highly paid and reputed job, so this indicates that it is not that easy to crack them.

The certifications have high standards and complex concepts that need to be understood by the candidate before appearing in the examination. As a result, it requires study and observations.

The candidates can prepare through several means:-

● Self-study: there are a number of online and offline study materials from which a candidate can prefer to study from.

● Juniper Learning: the official site of juniper provides some study resources which can be purchased and referred by the candidate for study.

● Juniper Certification training institutes: there are several institutes that provide online and offline training with hands-on experiences. The sessions could be live and recorded as well.

Are There Any Prerequisites of Juniper Certification?

As there are some Juniper Certifications for complete freshers also, therefore they do not have any formal prerequisites. However, there is some recommended knowledge and experience in the relevant certifications belonging to higher levels.

It is recommended to study the prerequisites of particular certifications as it depends on levels and domains.

Vanshika Sharma

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