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best IT certifications: Most Prestigious

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 6 Jan 2024

Hello Readers!! Good to See You Again.

In this blog we will discuss about different networking courses and their relevance in IT industry. Before starting the blog you see the most demanding certifications in networking IT industry.

● Cisco Certifications

● Checkpoint Certifications

● F5 Load Balancer Certifications

● Palo Alto Certifications

Cisco Certifications:

Cisco offers 5 levels of career networking certifications: Entry Level, Associate Level, Professional Level, Expert and Architect Level. You should know Cisco certifications are the most sought after in the IT world where CCNA, CCNP and CCIE is the most demanding and popular career certifications. CCNA is an associate level, CCNP is the professional level and CCIE is the expert level of Cisco certifications.


To get the Cisco career certification, you need to pass Cisco exams. A CCNA is known as one of the most popular IT certification in the world. The primary focus of these certifications lies in developing relevant skills which can match the rapid deployment of advanced technology in this changing networking industry. Having a CCNA certification is a sign of skills and knowledge about networking environment which proves that you can build on basic networking skills.


CCNP is the professional level of Cisco certification which proves that you can build on professional level of networking skills. It shows your networking skills is more advanced and expertise. There are different technologies available in CCNP certifications: Cloud, Data Center, Routing and Switching, Security, Collaboration, Service Provider, Wireless. You can opt these technologies as per your choice and interest. Having CCNP Certification proves that you are capable for deploying of professional and advanced level of networking skills.


CCIE is accepted as one of the most prestigious and demanding IT certification in the word. Having a CCIE certification is the meaning of your expertise in deploying advanced level of networking skills in enterprises. It proves your top level networking skills with advanced techniques. It is the most payable IT certification in the world. You can get expertise in different technologies like Cloud, Data Center, Routing and Switching, Security, Collaboration, Service Provider, Wireless.

Relevance of Cisco Certifications:

 ● Employers prefers Cisco certified professionals

● It enhances your networking knowledge

● It validates your networking environment skills

● It opens new door for career advancement

● It gives you better salary boost in your organization

● You will have preference over your non certified colleagues

Checkpoint Certifications:

Checkpoint certifications have grown as one of the most preferred security firewall certification in the world. CCSA and CCSE are the most popular courses of Checkpoint.

Having Checkpoint Certifications validates your network security skills in checkpoint environment.  You will have the profiles of Checkpoint certified security administrator after getting CCSA certification whereas you will rewarded by Checkpoint certified security engineer after getting CCSE certification.

Relevance of Checkpoint Certifications:

According to worldwide security appliance revenue Checkpoint has 12.60 market share in 2Q2017. This is a big figure. You can analyze the opportunity in the world with Checkpoint certifications.

According to the survey conducted by simply hired job portal there is huge demands for Checkpoint certified professionals in the world. Many organizations are using Checkpoint security firewalls and they need the expert certified professionals.

Palo Alto Certification:

Palo Alto is known as the next generation security firewall system. Palo Alto network security engineers is capable of designing, deploying, maintenance, troubleshoot the Palo Alto Networks. Certification exam PCNSE must pass to have Palo Alto certification.

Anyone can do Palo Alto certification that is using Palo Alto networks products, including Palo Alto engineers, customers, support engineers, etc. Candidates who are certified means they are expert in architecture and design, core concepts, logs and status, management, networking, policies and procedures for Palo Alto networks.

Relevance of Palo Alto Network certification:

Palo Alto networks are covering approx 16% of total market share. You can assume the volume of Palo Alto networks used in organizations. Skilled and certified engineers are most demanding and high payable on worldwide.

F5 Load Balancer Certifications:

Enterprises now prefer F5 load balancer certified engineers who are capable to increase capacity and reliability of applications. F5 load balancers decrease the loads on servers and distributes network traffic into different servers. Available F5 Certifications  are F5 certified BIG-IP Administrator, F5 certified technology specialists, F5 certified solution expert. F5 certification exams are valid for 2 years. You can recertify after this period.

Relevance of F5 Certification:

F5 load balancer certified engineers are most in demands with high salary packages worldwide. Companies want to increase overall performance of their networks and that’s why F5 certified engineers are in demands.  There are only around 2500 F5 certified product specialists in the world, only around 1300 people holding F5 certified system engineer certification. These figures are too small, so there are huge chances for your bright career.

So, time is to decide which certifications are good for you.

Vanshika Sharma

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