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How to Become a Network Engineer

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 10 May 2024

Being a Network Engineer is an alluring job opportunity in today's dynamic world. More and more enterprises are depending highly on networks for connection and information exchange, Technical network engineers are always highly wanted. 

If you are enthusiastic about innovation and love problem solving this could be the best career for you. In this inclusive guide, we will guide you through the steps to becoming a network engineer, from knowledge and certification to procuring real-life experience and finding career opportunities.

For a fresher, it is not at all difficult to get into network engineering. Our composite training will coach you on how to get a job without experience in networking. Our courses will equip you with networking skills so that you can easily handle job challenges as and when they arise.

We will assist you in understanding how to become a network engineer approved by the industry

Who are network engineers? 

A network engineer is an individual assigned to assist in devising, accomplishing, and sustaining an organization's computer networks. They use several tools and techniques like firewalls, routers, load balancers, and switches to elevate network performance in an IT Infrastructure. 

Network engineers link, defend, and automate complex networks. The main network engineer roles and responsibilities are configuration, maintenance, performance optimization, and troubleshooting networks. hush they effectively ensure the safety and performance of the overall network security ecosystem.

They make sure the web of communication within and outside the organization stays alive. Network engineer defends the network from potential malware, phishing, or denial of service attacks.  

How to become a network engineer? 

A network engineer is someone who knows the whole organization's network inside out whether it is hardware, software, infrastructure, or systems.  

Becoming a network engineer is a very easy task once you set your heart on it. There are no prescribed educational criteria for it except a bachelor's degree or master's in a relevant field. You can choose network engineer certifications like CCNA, and CCNP for better understanding and opportunities of network engineering.

If you are looking for a career shift, then it is always good to follow the right network engineer career path which goes as follows. 

Five Easy Steps of becoming a Network Engineer 

1. Education

Getting the right education is the first and foremost step in becoming successful in any career. Your future depends on your deep understanding of modern IT environments.  

This can be done in two small steps getting an entry-level certification and then stepping to the advanced ones. 

Learn Network Engineer Skills 

✔️ Getting a basic idea and awareness about networking

We can't build something without a strong foundation. So you have to grab a general understanding of the elements in networking theory such as TCP/IP, OSI model, routing protocols( OSPF, BGP), switching, VLAN, VPN, firewalls etc. Network safety measures. The major basic-level certifications in Networking are 

- CompTIA Network+: This is a nice starting level certification to enter the field of networking since it is a vendor impartial certification that covers foundational rudiments and prowess of networking. 

- Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician(CCENT):  CCENT covers all the concepts and Principles of networking aiding an individual to get an entry-level job.  

- Cisco Certified Network Associate(CCNA): CCNA is a more holistic study of networking technologies than CCENT.

 - Cisco Certified Devnet Associate: The qualified individual will be able to develop and maintain applications built on the Cisco platform.  

Juniper Network Certified Associate - Junos: The Certified person can work on Juniper Networks Junos OS. 

✔️Climb up the ladder with Advanced-level courses 

Show off your expertise in Networking by completing the advanced level Network security courses and certifications. They will help you in your job search as the number of people who opt for specializations is very limited. The following are different proficiency certifications in this field 

- CCNP: Cisco Certified Network Professional is a course that indicates your in-depth knowledge in designing, executing, and handling issues relating to complex networks.  

- CompTIA security+: Networking areas like security, cryptography, access control, and others are covered under this valuable course  

Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist: JNCIS is a moderate-level certification of Juniper Networking Technologies  

Cisco Certified Internet Work Expert: CCIE is a highly advanced course relating to networking infrastructure.  

2. Learn Automation and have a good knowledge of programming language  

The monotonous tasks can be easily handled by automation technology. This had been tapped into by Cisco through the introduction of their Devnet mode. This certification ranges from Associate, professional, and expert. 

Even though you don't know how to code you can work in networking. However, gaining knowledge of programming language can give you an edge in your professional career. 

Python, Perl, Golang, and Bash are some of the languages. Python is the most preferred language among them because of its simplicity and absorption.  

3. Getting updated with recent trends and technology of Networking 

If you want to be relevant in your profession it is better to be constantly aware of the market and how it changes. The following are some of the latest trends in the network technology area 

- Cisco SD-WAN: It provides sufficient bandwidth and efficient working of applications in wide Area Network (WAN) with data protection and safety 

ACI: Application Centric Infrastructure ensures a simple, optimized, and efficient application deployment in Data Centers. Cisco is providing this training for Agile and multicolor frameworks.  

 4. Finding a better training program  

Identification of a good trainer is also very crucial in your career. Uninets  offers a multitude of courses that can help you take over the world with the right skills. You can choose Network courses that will suit you based on your skills and experience.

We have live classes with expert and qualified instructors. If you want to learn by yourself then there are self-paced video courses and textbook courses. The community forum we have consists of instructors, students, and our team support will aid you in clearing the doubts instantly.  

Besides this, we have practice tests and a virtual lab that is open for you 24/7 so that you can experiment with your skills and be ready to meet the job challenges. 

5. Getting hands-on experience 

What better way to learn networking than actually doing it? You can start applying for internships or get an entry-level job to gain experience. You will be able to learn to set up and manage a network easily under a proficient network engineer. Apply for an analyst, technician network Associate, or support staff.

Is network engineering a good career?  

Network engineering is a perfect career for the following reasons

1. Highly wanted courses: Since most of the company relies heavily on network infrastructure for communication, data interchange, and Cloud computing there is a steady demand for network engineers.

2. Stability in jobs: As more and more companies invest in long-period expensive infrastructure technologies there is a continuous need for setting up, controlling, and troubleshooting them. This will ensure long-term employment for a network engineer.

3. Constant Learning: Network technology is an evolving technology one must be constantly updated to work in this field.

4. High salary: Network engineers are one of the high-salaried employees of an organization. The entry-level network engineer earns between $70000 to $100000 annually.

5. Career progression: Career growth in network engineering is greater than in any other job role. Senior-level employees earn more than a six-figure salary

6 Unique technologies: This is a highly specialized field where the demand far exceeds the supply of network engineers 

7. Global opportunities: Certifications from Cisco are recognized globally and securing them will give you job opportunities from any part of the world. 

8. Problem-solving: A network engineer solves complex problems relating to the infrastructure of an organization. 


Network Engineer Salary (Indian INR)

Position SalarySkills 

Entry-level Network engineer

2.5 - 5 lakhs 

Basic networking concepts, TCP/IP, routing, switching and network troubleshooting

Network Administrator 

3-8 lakhs   

Network administration, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting network and its devices like routers and switches  

Wireless Network Engineer  

4-10 lakhs  

Wireless networking technologies like Bluetooth, wifi, wireless access point configuration, RF planning, and troubleshooting.

Network Architect 

8-20 lakhs 

Advanced networking concepts, design, planning, and execution along with SDN and NFV   

Network virtualization engineer

6-15 lakhs  

Virtualization technologies VMware, VMware NSX, platforms such as Cisco ACI, languages namely Python, and Network Automation 

Cloud Network Engineer

6-18 lakhs   

Cloud computing platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, cloud networking concepts, and cloud-based network   

Network  job salary  in India

In India, the starting salary package of an entry-level position in network engineering position is estimated at around 250000 per annum. 

A person with an experience between 1-4 years is expected to earn 300000 per year for a junior-level position. 

Mid-level network engineers with 5-9 years will have an annual pay of 540000. 

People with more than 10 years of experience will be receiving a whopping 820000 every year and sometimes more than this.

Network engineer salary by top companies

Company  Salary  


17 lakh - 27.5 lakh per month

HP Inc. 

1 cr- 2 cr per year  


16 lakh - 18 lakh per year  


2.3 cr -2.9 cr per year  


20.8 lakh per year 

Network engineer salary in top cities

Bangalore Mumbai  Delhi  

Entry level  

3-6 lakhs per year 

3-6 lakhs per year 

3-6 lakhs per year 


6-12 lakhs per year  

6-12 lakhs per year  

3-6 lakhs per year

Expert level  

12-20 lakhs per year 

12-20 lakhs per year 

3-6 lakhs per year

Vanshika Sharma

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