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Checkpoint CCSA Lab Setup: Initialization

Created by Amar Singh in Articles 15 Jun 2024
«Palo Alto vs Check Point: A Comparison

Smart Architecture

Smart Architecture has three tier system or has three components in it

1.) Smart Console: Client on the admin machine (The Smart Console applications are the GUI clients to manage the Security Management Server and Security Gateways)

2.) Smart Center Server: Security Management Server which stores policy and you can create all the policy in management server like policy objects etc.

3.) Smart Security Gateway: The Firewall (Firewalls control the traffic between the internal and external networks and are the core of a strong network security policy).

Steps to access lab

1.) Go to

2.) Click on the sign up button for registering yourself

3.) For sign up you need to provide your basic information like your name, mobile no., email id and password etc.

4.) Write valid code of your country and 10 digit mobile numbers.

For example, if your mobile no. is +65 XXXX XXXX then +65 is country code and you can add 2 zeros in starting of the number to make it a 10 digit number i.e. 00XXX XXXXX

5.) Once you are done with sign up process then you can login with your registered phone number and password.

6.) As you login you will see a dialog box containing labs of different courses.

7.) Your timer begins as soon as you start operating your lab like we take an example of Checkpoint CCSA lab

In the above lab( Checkpoint CCSA lab) shown:

1.) DC-5M is used as Management server

2.) DC-5G is used as a Security gateway

3.) Window Server is used as a Active directory server or is used when user will try to access firewall

4.) The Internal client is actually the DMG Server

5.) The External Client

6.) BR-Client is used as branch office

7.) BR-5G is used as branch office firewall. It is going to access resources via firewall.

Firstly to start working on the devices you first need to power on the device you want to operate, and power off as soon as you finish your task. Moreover, if you want to remove the previous configuration, right click on the device and erase the configuration of each device similarly so that the devices would come back on default setting.

Secondly, for operation your task you need to have your workbook too. So, for that you first need to go and login yourself.

Then you need to go to my courses, here you will be able to see your workbooks. Go to Checkpoint CCSA workbook and you can operate you lab according to the task assigned in your workbook.

For instance, your first task assigned to you is to configure security management server (SMS) with hostname SM give IP-address to management interface and took GUI from management interface with default credential and did remaining configuration.

Coming to our lab again we first need to login in our management server. Double on the management server, the window on which you can configure will open in a new tab. To start operating management server you need to login in first. For this you need to enter your username and password.

If you want to set host name to your device you can run command i.e. Set Hostname and then the name you want to assign. For example, Set Hostname SM, then if you want to save the configuration run command ‘Save Config’

Now we need to define IP address so that we can manage this device using a web console. Coming on to assigning IP address to this device run command Set interface eth0

Where, eth0 is your management interface by default or can be used to define in on an internal zone.

So, the command is Set interface eth0 ipv4-address mas

Set interface eth0 ipv4-address mask length 24

Finally the IP Address is defined now if you want to verify run command show interface eth0 and then enter. Now you will be able to see the IP address which has been defined.

Further, save the configuration y running command save config and try to access the management IP through a web console. So, for that you need to login with window server and assign the same IP address. Open the network setting of the device and run the command ncpa.cpl So. Open the network setting and we can check which IP address has been assigned, go to properties and its IP address is but we need to change the gateway and DNS as well. Now we can access the web server through browser itself. Then on search panel type and then enter.

Configuring Security Management Server»
Amar Singh

Amar Singh is a senior security architect and a certified trainer. He is currently working with a reputed organization based out of India. His accomplishments include CCNA, CCNP Security, CEH, Vmware, Checkpoint and Palo Alto Certifications. He is holding more than 12 years of experience in Network security domain. In his career he has been ...

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