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Who Should Pursue Palo Alto Firewall Cer

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 6 Jan 2024

The computer network of any business can never be too secure. That’s why businesses often face the problem of an ever-increasing cyber security threat. They need to maintain a vigilant approach for the protection of their systems, data and files. In general, faulty or outdated software application can cause networks vulnerable to spyware, malware, adware, phishing and more.

This is where security engineers certified with Palo Alto firewall course come into the picture. Security engineers are responsible for several functions related to IT security, such as making sure the security of software, selecting or constructing and deploying broader network security systems.

They analyze computer networks and ensure that they are running securely. They are quick to foresee possible security issues that could arise in the future. With this, they are engaged in making a type of computer systems that can deal with disruptions like malicious cyber-attack or natural disasters.

Key roles and responsibilities of security engineers:

Certified security engineers are responsible for a large number of works. They are engaged in different types of activities just to make sure 100% security is in place and all possible tools and technologies are implemented. Below are some of the key roles and responsibilities of security engineers:

● Solving production security issues by creating new ways

● Developing a set of security practices and standards

● Giving management the recommendation to enhance security

● Making sure updated and software are installed like firewalls and data encryption programs

● Providing help to people in the installation process of new security products and procedures

● Conducting scans of networks to find vulnerabilities

● Conducting penetration testing

● Installing software that can help with notification of intrusions

● Monitoring systems and network to find out any security breaches

● Handling and tracking incidents by developing automation scripts

Apart from the duties and responsibilities mentioned above, security engineers are also busy in inspecting irregular system behavior, testing security solutions by using industry-standard analysis criteria, administering changes in software, hardware, and user needs, leading incident response activities, and investigations into how breaches happen. Besides, they also report findings to management, help plan an organization’s information security strategy, educate staffs on information security through training and awareness and recommend modifications in legal, technical and regulatory areas.

How to become a security engineer

To become a security engineer and starting a fulfilling career, you should apply for Palo Alto firewall courses. The courses are designed to train candidates by upgrading their skills and knowledge of Palo Alto networks security platforms. It enables you to mitigate threats and prevent from successful cyber-attacks. The topic in the course is covered with 100% lab based Palo Alto firewall training that can be helpful in getting hands-on experience when it comes to designing, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshoot the Palo Alto Networks.

These days almost every origination is using firewalls to keep their networks safe and secure. And generally, Palo Alto firewall is next-generation Firewalls and it is used in various enterprises and data centres. By completing the course training, you will be able to apply advanced level of technology to prevent threats.

Who Can Pursue The Palo Alto Firewall Courses?

Anyone with knowledge of switching and routing and knowledge of Cisco ASA Firewalls or any other firewalls are eligible for the course. This course is specially designed for network administrators, network security analyst, firewall administrators, firewall engineers, security administrators, and security operations specialists and so on.

So, to become a security engineer and adept in preventing security threats, first of all, enroll for Palo Alto firewall courses. There are many institutions in India that offer this course to individuals.

Vanshika Sharma

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