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Setting Up F5 Management via CLI: Guide

Created by Deepak Sharma in Articles 6 Jan 2024

Setting UP F5 System Management - Part 2


Configure the Switch interfaces on the respective access VLANs as per the below table.



Access Ports

IP Schema



Eth0/0, Eth2/0



Eth0/1, Eth2/1



Eth1/0-1, Eth0/2

Configure IP address on interface E0 (Management) and IP address on E1 (External) of the workstation.

Configure IP address and gateway IP on management interface Mgmt on BIGIP-SYSTEM. Also assign fully qualified hostname as BIGIP- SYSTEM.UNINETS.COM

Licensing and provisioning the BIGIP-SYSTEM for both LTM and ASM modules.

Configure the network on BIGIP-SYSTEM as follows.


Untagged Interface


Self IP







Configure Linux Servers with IP addresses and on WebServer01 and WebServer02 respectively.

Configuration and Verification

First configure the switch access ports as per given in the task. Take console access and configure the switch. Also save the configuration in the end.

Now you configure the IP address on E0 of the workstation which is connected to the switch on port Eth2/0. This is used for management connectivity. Login to the WorkStation (no username and password). When you get the window prompt accept the internet setting and public network. Click Close to continue.

If you go to the adaptor settings, there you see three network interfaces in use. E0 is used for management, E1 is used for external and E2 is used for internet.

Note: Internally Local Area Connection is mapped to E0, Local Area Connection 2 is mapped to E1 and Local Area Connection 5 is mapped to E2.

Assign IP address and subnet on interface E0

Assign IP address and subnet on interface E1

E2 is already obtaining IP address from Internet cloud via DHCP in range (DO NOT use this subnet in your network) and no need to change this setting.

Now open CMD and verify the configure IP addresses provided on workstation interfaces

Take the console of the BIGIP-SYSTEM device and login to it using default username and password. Device may take up to 5 minutes to boot.

Username: root

Password: default

The default management IP address and can be seen as

You can configure the management IP address either using CLI or GUI, here we are using configuration utility for changing the management IP address on BIGIP device.

It asks for whether you want to use automatic configuration of the IP address, here you click on No

It first asks to change the IP address and Netmask, assign the IP address and Netmask as mentioned in the task

It is not mandatory to set the default gateway on the F5 device, however it may sometimes require when you install licenses directly through internet on F5. In our case we are providing the gateway just for the sack of having it but we will install licensing through workstation which already had internet connection.

By default, there is a gateway configured, you can change it as per your requirement.

Once you accept the setting for system management connectivity, you will automatically come out of that window. Here now you can verify the changed management IP

At this point workstation interface E0 and mgmt interface of BIGIP-SYSTEM are in same subnet and they are connected to switch interfaces Eth0/0 and Eth2/0 respectively. These switch ports are already assigned in same management VLAN 10.

Go to the workstation and check the connectivity to BIGIP-SYSTEM device.

Open putty available on workstation and use BIGIP-SYSTEM IP address to take SSH access.

First time it will ask to accept the SSH public key so click on yes

Use default username and password for CLI to login!

Username: root

Password: default

Go to the TMSH and configure its hostname, however you can also configure the hostname via GUI.

Now you already have reachability and SSH access to the BIGIP-SYSTEM, take the GUI access by using its management IP address on chrome web browser. Use HTTPS for this purpose and accept and proceed with the self-signed certificate.

Click on Advance to accept the self-signed certificate25.

Once you click on proceed it will ask for GUI username and password, use default username and password (admin/admin)

The rest of the section of this blog will be continued in the next blog "Setting UP F5 System Management - Part 2".  

Setting UP F5 System Management - Part 2

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Ramraj Katheriya Student
14 Oct 2023 | 01:00 pm

Best way to built and configure your own F5 lab with initial setting and parameters.


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