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Navigating the F5 Certifications Roadmap

Created by Jitendra in Articles 6 Jan 2024

F5 Networks is an American based company expertise in application delivery networking technology. F5 Networks is specialized in web application, security, servers availability, performance, cloud resources, data storage device technologies.

What is load balancer: Load balancer is a device that acts like a proxy which divides network traffic into multiple required servers to distribute the application traffic among them. It helps to increase overall performance of applications. When it distributes the network load among multiple servers, then each server can work fast and response fast.

F5 Load balancer Certification:

We can divide F5 certifications into three levels as below:

F5 Certified BIG IP Administrator

F5 Certified Technology Specialists

F5 Certified Solution Experts

Details About F5 Certified Technology Specialists:

Exam 301a: LTM Specialist: Through this exam aspirants will able to Architecture, Setup and Deploy to enhance effectiveness of application delivery network.

Exam 301b: LTM Specialist: Through this exam you will be able to maintain and troubleshoot your F5 networks.

Exam 302: BIG IP DNS Specialist: This exam validates your skills, knowledge, concepts and technology standards towards application delivery networks working with BIG IP DNS.

Exam 303: ASM Specialist: This exam enables you to design, implement and maintain F5 BIG IP ASM. Also enables you to design, implement and maintain advanced features.

Exam 304: APM Specialist: This exam enables you to manage day to day application delivery networks management based on TMOS operating system.

Where to Start F5 Load Balancer Certification:

Exam 101 : Application delivery fundamentals

This is the first exam required to have F5 certified BIG IP administrator status. You should have this certification to move forward in F5 technologies career. This exam enables you to manage day to day application delivery networks. It validates your skills and knowledge required to work with F5 technologies.

Job Opportunities for F5 Certified Professionals:

F5 Load Balancer certifications targets large volume of networks from small to large enterprises. You can get a handsome job with F5 certification with network specialist, system engineer, network engineer, architect, network administrator, network consultant, etc.

Professionals, who are F5 certified get extra benefits in their career in comparison to your colleague to get big increment or salary opportunity.

Today F5 Load Balancer technology certified engineers are in demands in IT companies with high salary packages. If you are a networking professional, then you can do this certification to uplift your career.

You can join UniNets for F5 Load Balancer Training where you can get highly experienced and working professional trainers. You can get hands on experience with trained and working trainers in F5 technologies. UniNets provide lab facilities on F5 devices with 24*7 access facilities, virtual racks online, workbook for practice from home, etc.

UniNets training program are designed for working and non working students, so you can get training on a regular basis or in weekends only. Choice is yours.

Good Luck.

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