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How to Pass F5 101 Exam: Preparation Tips

Created by Thrilok Thallapelly in Articles 8 Jan 2024

The F5 101 certification exam, also known as the Application Delivery Fundamentals exam, is a crucial first step in becoming an F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator. Passing this exam requires a solid understanding of foundational networking concepts, protocols, and F5 technologies. In this article I will provide a detailed guide on how to pass the F5 101 exam.

Understand the Exam Format
The first step to passing the F5 101 exam is to understand its format.  This exam consists approximately. 80 multiple-choice questions that you should complete within 90 minutes and the passing score for the exam is 69% or higher.

Study the Exam Blueprint
The exam blueprint is an important resource to begin with. It provides you a detailed breakdown of each topic that will be covered on the exam. The F5 101 Exam Blueprint is available on the F5 website, and it is essential to review it thoroughly to ensure you have covered all the necessary topics.

Learn the Networking Basics
The F5 101 exam tests your knowledge on networking topics such as the OSI model, TCP/IP, HTTP, and SSL/TLS etc. You can start by learning the basics of networking from any CCNA book or material provided on F5 website. Once you know the basic concepts of networking then you can gradually develop into more advanced topics and refer books like TCP/IP Illustrated by Richard Stevens.

Study the F5 Technologies
The F5 101 exam also consists of various F5 technologies such as
- Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
- Global Traffic Manager (GTM)
- Application Security Manager (ASM).

You need to acquire a good understanding of these technologies based on real-world scenarios.

Use F5 Resources
You can utilize study material from F5 which may help you prepare for the exam. The F5 University is an excellent place to start, as it provides free online training courses and tutorials on F5 technologies. During your preparation journey, you might need to connect with other F5 certified professionals for guidance then you can use F5 forum.

Practice with Sample Questions
F5 provides sample questions on its website, and there are also many other resources available online. Practice with a lot of mock and sample questions which can help you identifying your weak areas where you need to improve and become more comfortable with the exam format.

Take a Preparation Course
If you are new to F5 technologies or have limited experience with them, taking a preparation course can be incredibly helpful. You can enroll yourself in institutes like UniNets that can help you prepare for the exam. These courses cover most of the topics and concepts that will be appeared on the exam. They can also provide you with hands-on experience with F5 technologies.

Take Mock Exams
Taking mock exams is an excellent way to assess your readiness for the real exam. Mock exams simulate the exam experience and can help you identify areas where you need to improve. F5 offers mock exams on its website, and there are also many other resources available online.

Manage Your Time Effectively
The F5 101 exam is timed, so it is essential to manage your time effectively. You have to read instructions carefully and understand each question what is being asked before answering. If you come across a question for which you are sure about its answer  then better to skip it and come back to it later. Always review all your answers at the end of the exam.

Relax and Stay Positive
Finally, it is essential to stay relaxed and positive during the exam. Do not panic in you are not aware about something just concentrate and complete answers which you are sure about.

All the very best!!

Thrilok Thallapelly

Thrilok Thallapelly is a senior network consultant who has dedicated his career to the field of networking. He completed Bachelor's degree in Technology in Computer Science from a reputed university in the country. He has always been fascinated by the world of networking and pursued his passion by learning everything he could about routing and ...

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