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CCNP Enterprise Certification Details

Created by Thrilok Thallapelly in Articles 11 May 2024

That’s great.

Do you know that to speed up your career growth as a network engineer, you should pursue some additional certifications? The network engineering field is enjoyable, high paying and challenging.

With a relevant certification course, you can have the chance of moving up in the field to other positions if you want to grow. But to do that, you need to start somewhere!

One of the important things to do is to achieve CCNP Enterprise certification (will effect from 24th February 2020). This is a type of certification that proves your skills with enterprise networking solutions.

In order to get that certification, you need to go through two exams:

1. one that is designed to cover core enterprise technologies

2. and another one enterprise concentration exam of your choice

So, you are able to customize your certification to your technical area of focus. It is advisable to pass a core exam and an enterprise concentration exam of your choice.

Core exam:

This exam is focused on your knowledge about enterprise infrastructure, such as the following:

Dual-Stack (Ipv4 And Ipv6) Architecture



Network Assurance



The core exam is also the qualifying exam for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless certifications. If you pass this exam, it will help you earn any or all of these certifications.

Concentration exam:

This exam is designed with a focus on growing and industry specific topics, including the following:

Network Design

Advance Routing




In concentration exam you will be given 6 choices of exams and need to choose one from them to earn certificate.

By sitting for corresponding Cisco training courses, you can prepare for concentration exams.

While in CCNP routing and switching certification, you need to pass three required exams as bellow:

300 – 101 Route

300 – 115 Switch

300 – 135 Tshoot

About New CCNP Enterprise Certification Program

The new CCNP Enterprise certification program has been designed to prepare candidates to handle today’s professional-level job roles in enterprise networking technologies.

The new program comprises of automation and programmability. This helps aspirants scale their knowledge of networking infrastructure. Being one of the most reputable certification courses, CCNP certifies the core knowledge a candidate needs to have while providing the flexibility to choose a focus area.

The new exam in the CCNP Enterprise program can help you earn Specialist certification. So you will be considered to have accomplishments along the way.


In general, no formal prerequisites for CCNP Enterprise are required. However, those wanting to apply for the CCNP Enterprise exam should have a complete understanding of the exam topics prior to sittingfor the exam. As a CCNP candidate, you may often have three to five years of experience in implementing enterprise networking solutions.

Migrating to the new program

It is important to note that the new CCNP Enterprise certification program will replace the existing CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNP Wireless and CCDP certification courses. If you are planning to start or have already started working to the current CCNP Routing and Switching, CCNP Wireless or CCDP Certifications, then continue doing this. This is because the new program will offer you credit for the work you have completed in these current certifications.

In addition if you qualify any exams in these certifications before February 24, 2020, then you will obtain badging for corresponding new exams and credit to the new CCNP Enterprise certification. Also, you will get the new CCNP Enterprise certification and badging for corresponding technologies—enterprise core technologies, wireless, advanced routing, or design.

To get details about how to migrate your certification in progress, it is advisable to visit the CCNP Enterprise migrating tool online. 

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