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How is CCNP Security Advancing Career?

Created by Amar Singh in Articles 13 Jun 2024
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What is CCNP Security?

Cisco understands that infrastructure is about security as much as it is about interconnection. This has led to a greater emphasis on security training that incorporates prior CCNP Security editions' best practices. There's a fresh emphasis on safety at scalability now. Contemporary networked systems also rely heavily on mechanization.

To earn the current CCNP Security certification, students should complete the main examination SCOR-350-701: Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Tech. It includes information on a variety of network security subjects, including:

- Network security

- Cloud security

- Securing content in enterprise settings

- Endpoints

- Network resources access

- Policy enforcement

It's worth noting that if you complete the main examination, you'll be entitled to take the CCIE Security certification exam. After you've passed the core exams, you'll need to choose a specialization exam. We won't go into great depth regarding each examination, but there are six options right now:

- Using Cisco Firepower to Secure Networks (SNCF 300-710)

- Preparing and deploying Cisco Identity Services Engine (SISE 300-715)

- Using the Cisco Email Security Appliance to Secure Email (SESA 300-720)

- Cisco Web Security Appliance for Web Security (SWSA 300-725)

- Using Vpns Networks to Implement Secure Solutions (SVPN 300-730)

- Cisco Security Solutions Automation and Programming (SAUTO 300-735)

CCNP Security is similar to other security-related certifications in that it includes DoD 8570.01-M conformance. However, because it is more network-oriented on a scientific level, the security concepts and principles you do learn are specific to Cisco and are significantly more specialised than, for instance, CompTIA's Security+ certification.

Network workers who really need to focus on managing network devices and executing security measures across the network can benefit from the CCNP Security certification. Candidates' expertise of equipment such as firewalls, switches, and routers is tested on this exam.

What Does CCNP Security Require?

You only need to complete the main test to take the specific focus qualifying exam.

However, because this certification digs extensively into connectivity, you should have a clear grasp of networking before attempting to achieve it. Three to five years of expertise dealing with Cisco networking equipment is recommended by Cisco.

CCNP Security is valid for 2 years and must be updated afterwards. Ascending the Cisco certification ladder is the great place to stay qualified. This will renew your existing certificates while also advancing your professional chances.

How difficult is CCNP Security?

The CCNP is typically thought to be more challenging than the CCNA according to most exam takers. This is partly due to the fact that the CCNP test covers a much broader range of topics. In addition, the CCNP has a deeper level of content than the CCNA. Another thing to remember is that the weighting of the problems varies across tests. The CCNP test has easier questions but takes 30 minutes longer to complete.

What are the Pros of CCNP Security Certification?

Obtaining the CCNP Security certification has numerous advantages. The status of achieving such a difficult certificate, as well as social acknowledgment, are both objective rewards. But the basic fact is that obtaining a Cisco certification that is widely recognised and accepted will increase your credibility and marketability.

What about CCNP Cyber security pay scales? As per Zip Recruiter, a qualified CCNP Security holder may expect to earn roughly $113,369 per year. 

Product Security Engineer, Security Operations Engineer, Lead Security Engineer, Senior Network Security Engineer, and Senior Information Security Engineer are some of the jobs you can anticipate to earn with a CCNP.

The CCNP Safety certification is required for most positions that involve both safety and Cisco device administration and repair. As a result, certain jobs will demand you to have at least a CCNP Security certification. As previously stated, this certification also provides DoD access, making it a favoured credential for many government-related positions.

You will get more opportunities within your firm if you hold a CCNP System check. You've improved your chances of getting a raise or a transfer. 

The CCNP Security credential displays your dedication to self-improvement and knowledge. A worker with that much desire will be held in high regard and appreciated.

What are the Cons of CCNP Security Certification?

The CCNP Security exam, like most others, requires a significant amount of studying and preparation. The exam may be a foundational exam in the Cisco certification structure, but it does not make it simple. You must have about three and five years of expertise prior to taking tests, as well as a full understanding of the standardized test topics.

The CCNP certificate is valid for three years, and you can learn more about the renewal policy here. You can renew your certification by completing one or more of the following steps:

- Take an exam

- Attend a Cisco Live training session

- Author related content

- Complete online training courses

- Complete instructor-led training

Complete one technological foundation examination, any two professional concentration exams, and one CCIE lab test to get Cisco professional-level credentials. Earn 40 CE credits or 80 CE certs by completing any one specialized focus exam.

Is CCNP Security Worth It?

We discussed the CCNP Security learning needs, exam topics, and potential earnings. Even after all that, we can confidently respond yes to the question, "Is the CCNP Security worth it?"

The CCNP training will assist you get a CCNP Security certification, that will assist you make it to the top of the application form stack. Certified employees are valued by employers. Being certified not only confirms that you understand what you're doing, but it also helps to attract more qualified people as more learning and innovation possibilities arise.

In today's business world, safety is more critical than before. The CCNP Security credential demonstrates that you grasp how security standards have evolved and how to execute them.

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Amar Singh

Amar Singh is a senior security architect and a certified trainer. He is currently working with a reputed organization based out of India. His accomplishments include CCNA, CCNP Security, CEH, Vmware, Checkpoint and Palo Alto Certifications. He is holding more than 12 years of experience in Network security domain. In his career he has been ...

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