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Palo Alto Firewall Certification Benefits

Created by Pankaj Solanki in Articles 5 Jan 2024

Today, firewalls are playing a pivotal role in keeping the networks of an organization absolutely safe and secure. So, they are used by most enterprises to ensure advanced levels of security threats. Palo Alto firewalls are next-generation Firewalls that are used in enterprises and data centers. They are amazing to work with. The demand for Palo Alto firewalls is increasing due to the fact that it is easy to deploy and better than their contemporaries.

To certify the skills and knowledge of engineers, Palo Alto Networks has designed certification courses (PCNSE, PCNSA, PCCSA) for aspirants. As a Palo Alto Certified Network Security Engineers (PCNSE), you can have the skills to design, deploy, configure, maintain and troubleshoot a vast majority of Palo Alto Networks-based network security implementations. You can install the network security of organization support, assess and research into the deployed networks equipment’s processes and issues.

Further, the Palo Alto firewall certification proves that you are an expert and have in-depth knowledge of the security platform and know to use it accurately. So, Join well-designed Palo Alto Firewall Certification Courses to crack the Palo Alto Exam. As of now, Polo Alto offers three certifications, PCCSA, PCNSA, and PCNSE.

Palo Alto Firewall Certification Courses

The best Palo Alto Firewall Certification Courses allow you to upgrade your knowledge and skills of Palo Alto networks security platforms. The training course covers 100% lab-based training, preparing you with expertise in designing, deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting the Palo Alto Networks. Further, the course develops your skills to mitigate risks, threats and prevent cyber attacks. The Palo Alto firewall certification courses offered by UniNets combine the courses and syllabus that enable you to earn these certifications with in-depth knowledge. If you want to improve your skills and boost your career growth, apply for Palo Alto certification training. It will be a great choice for you.

By attending the training courses, you will have expertise in Role-Based Palo Alto Administration, security policies configuration, Packet Filtering, Zone-Based Firewall lab, Zone-Based security, virtual system implementation, describing failover system, explaining site-to-site VPN, NAT policies implementation, describing SSL, Encryption, Decryption, implementing LDAP and more.

If you enroll for Palo alto firewall certification courses in live batch, you will gain the following benefits:

◉ Free democlass on request

◉ Virtual lab access (24*7)

◉ Virtual live training

◉ Weekend/weekdays classes

◉ Industry best working professional trainers

◉ Workbook access online

◉ One-to-one/group training

◉ Training recorded videos for lifetime access

◉ If not satisfied training on next batch

◉ UniNets certificate

Why You Should Do Palo Alto Firewall Certification Courses:

The benefits of pursuing these certification courses are manifold. By successfully completing the course –

● You will extend your knowledge base and confirm your skills to appeal to the growing industry.

● You will better inherent earning power to demand a higher salary.

● You will know how to execute complicated activities through lab, and practice sessions.

● You will have the opportunity to better exposure to a broad variety of relevant functions, features, and duties.

● You will distinguish yourself from your peers with deeper and broader skills

Who Can Apply for These Courses

These Certification courses are suited for anyone who wants to demonstrate a deep understanding of PaloAlto Networks technologies, customers who use Palo Alto Networks products, system integrators, pre-sales system engineers,  and support staff. To be eligible for learning Palo Alto, you should have knowledge of routing and switching as well as you should be familiar with Cisco ASA firewalls or any other firewall. It is better if you have working knowledge is recommended).  This course is most suitable for Network Administrators, Network Security Analyst, Firewall Engineers, Firewall Administrators, Security Administrators, Security Operations Specialists, Network Security Engineer and Security Consultant, (Computing / Networking / Information Technology) Network Engineer, Project Engineer.

Job Description

Once you are certified, you can hold the position of a certified network security engineer. You will have the following set of responsibilities for a business set-up:

● Supervising the performance and troubleshoot the network issues by scheduling optimum solutions

● Implementing different solutions and improving the stability and flexibility of the network with the best security features.

● Supervising day-to-day operations required for working on cases and other changes

● Understanding the current bandwidth usage and offer required solutions for site progress

● Installing, configuring, and operating Palo Alto firewall products and services

● Ensuring various devices used by businesses to improve the efficiency and performance

● Configuring and maintaining DNS (Domain Name Server), NTP (Network Time Protocol) and so on

● Upgrading network devices or tools by performing software improvements or refreshing the equipment

● Configuring switches, routers, firewalls, Meraki devices and load balances

● Taking part in technical consultations and planning for new solutions along with security team members

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