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Microsoft Azure Beginner's Guide

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 6 Jan 2024

Details about Microsoft Azure Technology

Microsoft Azure is more than mere cloud servicing with Windows. It is the fundamentals of this technology through which data storage, cloud computing, and websites on servers are known. This great company of the USA has created an array of cloud computing services that can work easily with a number of Linux distributions just like other server Operating Systems. Moreover, Microsoft Azure has become the first choice of the industry when it comes to a platform for integrated cloud services like computing, database, analytics, networking, etc. With this technology in place, organizations are experiencing extensive benefits such as:

● They are growing fast

● They are achieving goals

● And they are able to save money

These are some of the basic reasons that enterprises are opting for Microsoft Azure, and looking out for professionals who are certified with Microsoft Azure Certification course. If you want to explore better career opportunities and enhance your knowledge, then Microsoft training is the most feasible approach. The certification enables you to be adept in:

● Architecting Azure solutions

● Developing Azure solutions

● Deploying Azure solutions

● Configuring Azure solutions

● And administering Azure solutions

Also, with this training, you can collect much knowledge about it and be eligible for working in multinational companies. So, it is good to get Microsoft Azure certification and earn professional recognition.

Microsoft Azure Certification Training Course in Delhi

In India, there are several training providers that guarantee quality training. They can help you become a Microsoft Azure specialist, provided that you get the training from an advanced and renowned training center. At a good training center, you can find professional trainers who have expertise in taking you for deep dive in Azure from scratch.

Types of training provided by institutions:

Azure Certifications

When you approach a reputable training center, you will come to know all about the Azure Certifications. This is because a good trainer deals in offering every level of Azure training.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) – Cloud Platform – This is a type of certification program, which is designed to demonstrate candidates’ skills to decrease the IT expenses within your organizations IT. The training teaches them skills and tricks to deliver more business outcome.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) – Linux on Azure – MCSA is another certification training program, designed todevelop top skills within you so that you can be able to design, architect, implement and maintain complex cloud. This certification course validates your skills, knowledge, and talent in Linux administrator.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) – Cloud Platform and Infrastructure – When we talk about the MCSE, we can’t sidestep cloud platform and infrastructure. This training enables aspirants to develop their skills so that they can run highly modern data center with the cloud technology. This type of certification does also validate your skills to be familiar with storage, management, networking, and virtualization.

Facilities at Top Training Centers

Not every training center can be the right choice. A training center is known for providing hands-on training for Microsoft Azure certification courses in several parts of the country. Some of the key facilities provided by a good Microsoft Azure training center in India are Instructor-led training, 2/7 access to Lab, a workbook for Microsoft Azure Certification, Questions and Answers sessions and Tips and tricks to clear exams.


There are no special requirements to get enrolled for the Microsoft Azure training. However, it is advisable to have at least 2 years of web development experience on many other platforms such as PHP, .Net, etc. It is also good to gather some basic knowledge of networking and Microsoft Azure platform. This helps you learn about technology easily.

In a nutshell, Microsoft Azure training is a must for aspirants. If you want to enhance your career in networking engineering, then look for a reputed training center and get the training.

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