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Top Cloud Service Providers Companies

Created by Amar Singh in Articles 15 Jun 2024
«Top Cloud Service Providers Companies


Cloud is a storage and data transmitting platform which has several virtual infrastructures for storage, operation, computing, transmitting, and other network-related services. There are several companies who provide their servers and infrastructures to individuals, organizations, governments, on a paid basis.

Cloud holds a very important place for any online service, either being application or website. The servers allow users to connect with the application worldwide. Along with this, the cloud makes it possible for the companies to make their data accessible on any second of the day. Hence, giving services 24/7. Especially, for sites whose traffic may change in future. Clouds are scalable, meaning, as required and needed, cloud service providers can add more servers to the existing numbers of servers to manage the traffic.

There are a lot more things that Cloud providers do to manage the online world along with other pillars.

So, now let’s jump to the topic we are to know.

Popular Cloud Services

1. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

2. Microsoft Azure

3. Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

4.Digital Ocean

5. IBM cloud

6. DropBox

7. SAP

8. Adobe

9. Rackspace

10. VMWare

The above is a list of some popular and known Cloud service providers. Although, there are many more on the list.

Now talking more precisely, then the toughest competition to reach the top, goes between Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

Let’s have a look at them closely.

1. Amazon Web Services

The oldest and well-established cloud service provider, AWS, is in the market since 2006. The AWS was founded by the parent company, Since the day AWS was established, it has gained a lot of popularity over time.

Service: Amazon Web Services includes computing, storage, management, maintenance, networking, analytics, developing, security, IoT (Internet of Things), and some more.

Availability zones: While talking about the availability of their servers in regions, AWS has 77 Availability Zones covering 24 geographic areas worldwide. In their recent announcement, they have planned to cover 18 Availability Zones and 6 regions in India, Australia, Spain, Indonesia, Switzerland and Japan.

The AWS has become the most trusted cloud computing and service providers over the decade. Their security assurance of brand helped them to grow even faster. Even it is a start-up or well-established company, all want their data to be secure and safe. AWS do their job very well in this domain as well.

Customers: Looking at the list of big brands using AWS then it goes like this:-






And the list is way too long. Their fast and authentic services have made them stand at the top of the list.

Career and Certifications: Now, since most of the big brands are using their service, they require the professionals as well to deal with configuration and other management skills. AWS has several certifications offered in 3 levels. The levels are as follows:-

Foundational level: the basics of AWS operations are tested in this exam, after getting the certification of this level, you would be titled as Cloud Practitioner.

Associate level: here you enter a bit advanced level of AWS system handling. This level has three domains, Architect, Operations, Developer.

Professional level: the expert level, where you will gain the title of expert. Similar to the associate level, it also has 3 domains but has 2 certifications.

The foundational level is best for those who looking to start their career in network and security.

There are many opportunities in the industry with great salary packages even for freshers.

Hence, AWS is a great choice to use their services as well to choose a career option.

2. Microsoft Azure

Came in the market in 2010, but created their trust and gained popularity very soon by giving tough competition in providing quality services. Microsoft Azure provided great offers and services to reach the position and standing close to AWS.

Service: The services in Microsoft Azure included in different domains like Machine learning, Analytics, database, computation, blockchain, IoT, developer tool, networking, security, storage, containers, and more. The total services by azure are more than a hundred in numbers.

Availability zones: When looking at the numbers of availability of servers and zones, Microsoft azure a bit back than AWS but still holds a great position for customer satisfaction and service providers.

Customers: Companies that use cloud services of Microsoft Azure are:-


Walgreens Boots Alliance

Citizen care pod


They are some big names in the list of Azure customers.

Career and Certifications: Similar to AWS, Microsoft Azure also offers several certifications of expertise as a great option to boost your career.

Azure offers certifications in 3 categories:-

Fundamentals: includes the basics of Azure, the fundamentals of them. It has 3 different certifications, but the most popular certification is “Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals”. A great option to start your career with a bang!

Associate: this category has role-based certification for different skills.

Expert: as the same suggests, this certification includes the specialty in domains like Microsoft office technical and Microsoft educator.

The certification in Microsoft azure can make you holder of great designation in multinational companies.

3. Google Cloud Platform

Introduced in 2011, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) even after being the youngest among the three, it gave a very tough competition to both the top cloud service provider, AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Service: GCP mainly provide their services in domains of Computing, Storage and Networking. Their services are continuously increasing in numbers with time. For instance, Cloud Scheduler, Cloud Key Management Service, Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Interconnect, Cloud Composer, Cloud Dataproc and many more in the row.

Availability zones: When talking about the availability zones, Google Cloud Platform covers 24 regions and 73 zones. The numbers are expected to increase further as per GCP’s recent announcement. They will be targeting countries like India, Canada, Chile, Spain, Italy, Qatar, Poland, France, and Australia.

Customers: GCP’s customer list includes major brands like:

Cardinal health



Blue Apron


And a lot more.

Career and Certifications: Now looking at the certifications offered by GCP. They are considered as one of the most reputed certifications and make you land on some highly paid jobs.

GCP certification includes two levels:-

Associate: the first level or the fundamental level. After getting the certification, you would be eligible for the Cloud Engineer Associate By GCP, it is recommended to have 6 months prior experience in building on Google cloud.

Professional: the expert level which has several domains and certifications. Recommended experience is for 3 years. The designations or job roles after qualifying the respective certification exams are Cloud Architect, Cloud DevOps, Cloud Security, Cloud Network Engineer and some more.

To get trained for all the above certifications, you can enroll in different training programmes conducted in training institutes. It will give you an environment for hands-on practice and gain knowledge with skills.

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Amar Singh

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