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Cisco Nexus SNMP: Configuration Guide

Created by Alok Rastogi in Articles 29 Nov 2023

Step1. Create object group for the interface used by SNMP server to poll the device. In this example we use the IP address of management interface. We have given the name snmp-Interface to management interface. It is basically a IP to name mapping.

Nexus-switch (config) # object-group ip address snmp-Interface

Nexus-switch (config-ipaddr-ogroup) # host

Step2. Configure access list to allow snmp communication between server and device. Source will be SNMP server IP address and destination is management interface address.

For simplicity, I have used the IP in access list; you can specifically allow the snmp ports between server and device. If you allow specific ports, please make sure that trap port (UDP 162) must also be opened.

Access list for read only servers:

Nexus-switch (config) # ip access-list Readonly-snmp-traffic

Nexus-switch (config-acl) # permits ip addrgroup snmp-Interface

Access list for write servers:

Nexus-switch (config) # ip access-list Readwrite-snmp-traffic

Nexus-switch (config-acl) # permit ip addrgroup snmp-Interface

Step3. Configure Read only community

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server community CISCORO group network-operator

Step4. Configure Read write community

Nexus-switch (config) #snmp-server community CISCORW group network-admin

Step5. Configure access list for snmp communities.

Nexus-switch (config) #snmp-server community CISCORO use-acl Readonly-snmp-traffic

Nexus-switch (config) #snmp-server community CISCORW use-acl Readwrite-snmp-traffic

Step6. Configure the SNMP trap source address. SNMP server will receive traps with source interface mgm0. SNMP server will convert the traps to alert only if it has the correct MIB in its database.

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server source-interface traps mgmt. 0

Step7. Enables the EIGRP traps (Authentication and SIA).

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server enable traps eigrp

Step8. Enable Link down traps.

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server enable traps link linkdown

Step9. Enable traps when HSRP state changes.

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server enable traps hsrp state-change

Step10. Enables traps for FAN status change.

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server enable traps entity entity_fan_status_change

Step11. Enable traps for module status change.

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server enable traps entity entity_module_status_change

Step12. Enable traps for unrecognised module

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server enable traps entity entity_unrecognised_module

Step13. Device will send the traps to server

Nexus-switch (config) # snmp-server host traps CISCOTRAPS

Alok Rastogi

Alok Rastogi is a highly experienced data center administrator and certified trainer. Currently he is working with one of the top IT companies in India. He has done CCIE DC and have more than 15 years of working experience in top companies in India. He is working as a consultant with MNC's for long years. Working experience in data center ...

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