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CCIE R&S V5 Training. Certified Industry Best Trainers. 100% Lab Based Training

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CCIE Routing & Switching Training Course

UniNets offer the most popular CCIE Routing and Switching certification training in Gurgaon, Delhi India. Institute will ensure successful preparation for an expert level knowledge and pass CCIE certification lab exam in your first attempt. Our Certified experts and working professional instructors demonstrate their extensive experience and knowledge with an impeccable teaching methodology to help students in building their concepts on routing and switching technologies. Institute offers certified and working professional trainers who have at least 10+ years of industry experience for all batches.

CCIE Routing & Switching Bootcamp Training

CCIE R&S Boot Camps Weekend Class (Technology Classes + Lab Boot Camps)

Uninets has designed special training program for CCIE Routing and Switching Boot Camps program including CCIE R&S Technology + Lab Exam preparation Boot Camp. In this training course program our expert trainers will assure highest passing rates for their students in CCIE lab exam. Our CCIE routing and switching boot camp training program is designed for working professionals who can join this course in only weekends. Training will focus on technologies covered in CCIE Routing and Switching Lab Exam with the right approach.

CCIE R&S Boot Camps Regular Class (Technology Classes + Lab Boot Camps)

For our regular students UniNets has designed the CCIE R&S Boot Camps training program with technology involved in CCIE Routing and Switching certification Lab Exam blueprint in fast track with expert trainers. We covers all things in this program like what should be your approach in exams, strategies for Lab exams, study materials for Lab exams in Boot Camps, questions and answers, previous years questions asked in Lab exams, one to one training sessions.

CCIE Routing and Switching Training Highlights :
  • 24*7 LAB Access facility for all students after Class
  • In-depth explanation and examples of lab scenarios by the Instructors
  • UniNets proprietary Routing & Switching technology lab workbook to students
  • Flexible timings for Regular, Weekends, Technology and Lab BootCamps potential students
  • Classes based on applying concepts on production environment with structured troubleshooting approach
  • CCIE Certified and working professionals instructors who have at least 6+ years of industry experience
  • Highly focused on understanding in-depth concepts on routing and switching technologies based on practical scenarios
  • Technical and HR round of interview preparations along with communication skill training sessions are also a part of this program

Uninets provides CCIE Routing & Switching (CCIE R&S) Version 5 Training in Gurgaon and Delhi. This training will bring you great opportunities for better jobs available in LAN and WAN data domains and also make you pass your CCIE R&S Lab Exam in your first attempt The students from this training program can expect a hike of 50% to 200% on their current pay package. The profiles for which these students can be hired include Network senior Specialist, Network Consultant, Managers Operation, Network Design Manager etc.

CCIE R&S Exams


There are only two required exams to pass. To earn CCIE routing and switching certification, this is required to pass both exams as given below:

  1. Written Exam (400 – 101)
  2. Lab Exam

CCIE written Exam – This is 2 hours exam combination of multiple choice questions and simulations. This exam validates candidates ability and judge the skills and knowledge to plan, configure, validate and troubleshoot complex networks.

CCIE Lab Exam – This is 8 hours exam which validates your skills to configure and troubleshoot complex networks. Candidates are expected to solve the issues and troubleshoot complex networks. This exam tests your skills and knowledge for troubleshooting and diagnose the issues.

CCIE R&S Exams Fees:

  • CCIE written exam fees in India will cost you 450 USD excluding taxes
  • CCIE lab exam fees in India will cost you 1600 USD excluding taxes

Note: CCIE exam fees are not included in our training fees.

CCIE R&S Prerequisite:

There is no professional certification is required for CCIE certification but IT professional should have at least 3 – 5 years of working knowledge in networking industry. You must pass the written and lab exam to earn the CCIE R&S certification.

One to one session with our deemed Instructor, who will evaluate you in terms of communication skills and technical expertise required for this training program hence makes us the Best CCIE Routing Switching bootcamp providers in Delhi, NCR

*We strictly follow our mentioned training plan to avoid any waste of time for all students. We value time and money hence deliver best of training only by certified and expert working professionals”

Course Content


CCIE Routing and Switching Course Outline (Syllabus) :

Network Principles
  • Network theory

    • Describe basic software architecture differences between IOS and IOS XE
      1. Control plane and Forwarding plane
      2. Impact to troubleshooting and performances
      3. Excluding specific platform’s architecture
    • Identify Cisco express forwarding concepts
      1. RIB, FIB, LFIB, Adjacency table
      2. Load balancing Hash
      3. Polarization concept and avoidance
    • Explain general network challenges
      1. Unicast flooding
      2. Out of order packets
      3. Asymmetric routing
      4. Impact of micro burst
    • Explain IP operations
      1. ICMP unreachable, redirect
      2. IPv4 options, IPv6 extension headers
      3. IPv4 and IPv6 fragmentation
      4. TTL
      5. IP MTU
    • Explain TCP operations
      1. IPv4 and IPv6 PMTU
      2. MSS
      3. Latency
      4. Windowing
      5. Bandwidth delay product
      6. Global synchronization
      7. Options
    • Explain UDP operations
      1. Starvation
      2. Latency
      3. RTP/RTCP concepts
  • Network implementation and operation

    • Evaluate proposed changes to a network
      1. Changes to routing protocol parameters
      2. Migrate parts of a network to IPv6
      3. Routing protocol migration
      4. Adding multicast support
      5. Migrate spanning tree protocol
      6. Evaluate impact of new traffic on existing QoS design
  • Network troubleshooting

    • Use IOS troubleshooting tools
      1. debug, conditional debug
      2. ping, traceroute with extended options
      3. Embedded packet capture
      4. Performance monitor
    • Apply troubleshooting methodologies
      1. Diagnose the root cause of networking issue (analyze symptoms, identify and describe root cause)
      2. Design and implement valid solutions according to constraints
      3. Verify and monitor resolution
    • Interpret packet capture
      1. Using Wireshark trace analyzer
      2. Using IOS embedded packet capture
Layer 2 Technologies
  • LAN switching technologies

    • Implement and troubleshoot switch administration
      1. Managing MAC address table
      2. b) errdisable recovery
      3. c) L2 MTU
    • Implement and troubleshoot layer 2 protocols
      1. a) CDP, LLDP
      2. b) UDLD
    • Implement and troubleshoot VLAN
      1. Access ports
      2. b) VLAN database
      3. c) Normal, extended VLAN, voice VLAN
    • Implement and troubleshoot trunking
      1. VTPv1, VTPv2, VTPv3, VTP pruning
      2. dot1Q
      3. Native VLAN
      4. Manual pruning
    • IImplement and troubleshoot EtherChannel
      1. LACP, PAgP, manual
      2. Layer 2, layer 3
      3. Load‐balancing
      4. Etherchannel misconfiguration guard
    • Implement and troubleshoot spanning‐tree
      1. PVST+/RPVST+/MST
      2. Switch priority, port priority, path cost, STP timers
      3. port fast, BPDUguard, BPDUfilter
      4. loopguard, rootguard
    • Implement and troubleshoot other LAN switching technologies
    • Describe chassis virtualization and aggregation technologies
      1. a) Multichassis
      2. b) VSS concepts
      3. c) Alternative to STP
      4. d) Stackwise
      5. e) Excluding specific platform implementation
    • Describe spanning‐tree concepts
      1. Compatibility between MST and RSTP
      2. STP dispute, STP bridge assurance
  • Layer 2 multicast

    • Implement and troubleshoot IGMP
      1. IGMPv1, IGMPv2, IGMPv3
      2. IGMP snooping
      3. IGMP querier
      4. IGMP filter
      5. IGMP proxy
    • Explain MLD
    • Explain PIM snooping
  • Layer 2 WAN circuit technologies

    • Implement and troubleshoot HDLC
    • Implement and troubleshoot PPP
      1. Authentication (PAP, CHAP)
      2. PPPoE
      3. MLPPP
    • Describe WAN rate‐based ethernet circuits
      1. Metro and WAN Ethernet topologies
      2. Use of rate‐limited WAN ethernet services
  • learn , Configure and define EtherChannels

    • Describe,implement and Configure LACP, PAgP, manual, Layer 2, Layer 3
    • Define, Implement and Verify Load balancing in etherChannels
    • Configuration and verifcation of EtherChannel misconfiguration guard
  • learn , Configure and define STP and its features

    • Define, Implement and Verify PVST+, RPVST+, MST
    • Define, Implement and Verify Switch priority, port priority, path cost, STP timers
    • Describe,implement and Configure PortFast, BPDUguard, BPDUfilter
    • Describe,implement and Configure Loopguard and Rootguard
  • Configure and verify first-hop redundancy protocols

    • Configuration and verifcation of HSRP
    • Configuration and verifcation of VRRP
    • Configuration and verifcation of GLBP
Layer 3 Technologies; RIP, OSPF and EIGRP
  • Learn , Configure and Implement Layer 3 Technologies

    • Configuration , Implementation of IPv4 addressing and subnetting
    • Describe Unicast, broadcast, multicast, and VLSM IPv4 Address types
    • Define IPv4 ARP, IPv4 DHCP relay and server and DHCP protocol operations
    • Configuration , Implementation of IPv6 addressing and subnetting
    • Describe Unicast , EUI-64,ND, RS/RA , Autoconfig (SLAAC)
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of static routing
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of default routing
    • Describe Various Routing protocols like Distance vector, Link state, Path vector
    • Describe administrative distance
    • Define passive interfaces
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of VRF lite
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of filtering with any protocol
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of redistribution between any routing protocols or routing sources
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of manual and autosummarization with any routing protocol
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of policy-based routing
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of suboptimal routing
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of RIPv2
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of RIPng
  • Learn , Configure and Implement loop prevention mechanisms

    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of Route tagging and filtering
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of Split-horizon
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of Route poisoning
  • Learn , Configure and Implement Eigrp and its Features

    • Describe about EIGRP packet types
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of EIGRP neighbor relationship and authentication
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of EIGRP stubs
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of EIGRP load balancing like equal and unequal Cost
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and optimization EIGRP metrics
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of EIGRP for IPv6
  • Learn , Configure and Implement OSPF and its Features

    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of OSPF neighbor relationship and authentication
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of network types, area types, and router types
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification Point-to-point, multipoint, broadcast, nonbroadcast Network
    • Describe LSA types, area type: backbone, normal, transit, stub, NSSA, totally stub
    • Describe Internal router, backbone router, ABR, ASBR
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verificationof Virtual link
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of OSPF path preference
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of OSPF operations
    • Configuration ,Implementaion and verification of OSPF for IPv6
Layer 3 Technologies; BGP
  • learn , Configure and define peer relationships

    • Define, Implement and Verify Peer-group, template
    • Define, Implement and Verify Active, passive
    • Define, Implement and Verify BGP States and timers
  • Implement and troubleshoot IBGP and EBGP

    • Configuration and verifcation of EBGP, IBGP
    • Configuration and verifcation of attributes and best-path selection
    • Configuration verifcation and optimization of routing policies
    • Configuration verifcation and optimization of Attribute manipulation
    • Configuration verifcation and optimization of Conditional advertisement
    • Configuration verifcation and optimization of Outbound route filtering
    • Configuration verifcation and optimization of Communities, extended communities
    • Configuration and verifcation of Multi-homing
    • Configuration and verifcation of scalability
    • Configuration and verifcation of Route-reflector, cluster
    • Configuration and verifcation of Confederations
    • Configuration and verifcation of Aggregation, AS set
    • Implement and troubleshoot multi-protocol BGP
    • Describe,implement and ConfigureIPv4, IPv6, VPN address-family
    • Define, Implement and Verify AS path manipulations
    • Describe,implement and Configure Local AS, allow AS in, remove private AS
  • Describe,implement and Configure Other Features

    • Define, Implement and Verify Multipath
    • Describe,implement and Configure BGP synchronization
    • Define, Implement and Verify Soft reconfiguration, route refresh
VPN Technologies
  • Configure Implement and troubleshoot MPLS operations

    • Define the concepts of Label stack, LSR, LSP
    • Define the concepts of LDP
    • Describe MPLS ping, MPLS traceroute
  • Configure Implement and troubleshoot basic MPLS L3VPN

    • Describe the concepts of L3VPN, CE, PE, PConfigure the l3VPN via different Routing protocols
    • Describe and implement Extranet (route leaking)
    • Implement and troubleshoot encapsulation like GRE and Dynamic GRE
  • learn, Implement and troubleshoot DMVPN (single hub)

    • Define the concepts of NHRP
    • Configuration and implementation of DMVPN with IPsec using preshared key
    • Implementation and verification of QoS profile like Pre-classify
  • Implement and troubleshoot IPsec with preshared key

    • Configuration and implementation of IPv4 site to IPv4 site
    • Implementation and verification of IPv6 in IPv4 tunnels
    • Implementation and verification of Virtual tunneling interface (VTI)
Multicast Technologies
  • Learn and Implement the Layer 3 Multicast

    • Configure and Troubleshoot reverse path forwarding
    • Configure and Troubleshoot RPF failure
    • Describe and implement RPF failure with tunnel interface
  • Implement and troubleshoot IPv4 protocol independent multicast

    • Describe and implement PIM dense mode, sparse mode, sparse-dense mode
    • Define Static RP, auto-RP, BSR
    • Configure Bidirectional PIM
    • Configuration and implementation of Source-specific multicast
    • Describe and implement Group to RP mapping
    • Define Multicast boundary
  • Implement and troubleshoot multicast source discovery protocol

    • Implementation and verification of Intra-domain MSDP (anycast RP)
    • Implementation and verification of SA filter
Quality Of Service Technologies
  • Learn and Implement Quality of service

    • Configure and Troubleshoot end to end QoS
    • Configure and Troubleshoot CoS and DSCP mapping
  • Describe and implement QoS using MQC

    • Describe and implement Classification
    • Describe and implement Network based application recognition (NBAR)
    • Configuration and implementation of Marking using IP precedence, DSCP, CoS, ECN
    • Define Policing, shaping
    • Configuration and implementation of Congestion management (queuing)
    • Define HQoS, sub-rate ethernet link
    • implementation and verification of Congestion avoidance (WRED)
Layer 2 and Layer 3 Security
  • Learn and Implement Network security

    • Configure and Troubleshoot switch security features
    • Configure and Troubleshoot VACL, PACL
    • Describe and implement Stormcontrol
    • Configuration and implementation of DHCP snooping
    • Configure and Troubleshoot IP source-guard
    • Describe and implement Dynamic ARP inspection
    • Configuration and implementation of Port-security
    • Configure and Troubleshoot Private VLAN
  • Implement and troubleshoot router security features

    • Configure and Troubleshoot IPv4 access control lists (standard, extended, time-based)
    • Describe and implement IPv6 traffic filter
    • Implementation and verification of Unicast reverse path forwarding
  • Implement and troubleshoot IPv6 first hop security

    • Configure and Troubleshoot RA guard
    • Describe and implement DHCP guard
    • Implementation and verification of Binding table
    • Configure and Troubleshoot Device tracking
    • Describe and implement ND inspection/snooping
    • Implementation and verification of Source guard
    • Configure and Troubleshoot PACL
Full Scale Lab Exam Preparation
  • Full Scale Labs demonstration
  • Lab Strategy
  • Lab Exam Structure
  • Troubleshooting Section Strategy
  • Diagnostic Section Strategy
  • Configuration Section Strategy
  • Using the Cisco Documentation
  • Time Management on the Exam

Course Fee


CCIE Training Fees:

Technology Classes

+91 8383 961 646Training Fee Queries (9 AM - 6 PM IST)

Lab BootCamp

+91 8527 91 67 51Training Fee Queries (9 AM - 10 PM IST)

Trainer Profile


Trainers' Profile :

Deepak Sharma

Experience: 12+ Years
Certifications: CCIE#37340 (Routing & Switching), CCIE Security, CCNP Security, CCNA Security, CCNP RS, CCNA Security, ITIL, RHCE, MCSE, CEH, CISSP
Associate Company: Mahindra Satyam, KPMG, Net4India, HCL


Abhishek Pal

Experience: 7+ Years
Certifications: CCIE#48843 (Routing & Switching), CCNP RS, CCNA RS, CCNP Security, CCNA Security
Associate Company: Cisco, Wipro


Rahul Singh

Experience: 14+ Years
Certifications: CCIE#35273 Dual (Routing & Switching, Service Provider), CCIE written (Data Center), CCNP RS, CCNA RS, F5 LTM
Associate Company: HCL, Dell

Timing Schedule


Topic Name Regular Weekends Boot Camp Instructor Name
Layer 2 Technologies Week 1-2 Weekend 1-3 Day 1-2 Deepak (CCIE#37340), Abhishek (CCIE#48843)
Lab Tour :
Devices Used for CCIE R&S Training:

  • Routers: 18 x 1841, 12 x 2811, 2 x 2911 Series Cisco routers
  • Switches: 8 x 3560, 6 x 3550, 2 x 3750 Series Cisco switches
  • Checkout the lab topology via Uninets Virtual Racks Login

Your Free Kit Include after Course enrolment:

  • Uninets T-Shirt
  • Uninets Notebook , Pen
  • Course Related Online Workbooks
  • Interview preparation and Communication skills training books
  • Free Virtual Rack Access



Students Review :

SauravSauravCheckpoint CCSA Security
I have 8 years of experience in networking but I was looking for enter in security profile. I heard the name of UniNets as one of the best networking training institute, so I enrolled for CCSA checkpoint training here. I have many things to say about UniNets, but in short, you can get 24*7 lab access, working professional trainers, workbook, virtual racks, flexible timings, minimum fees. So, I am highly recommending UniNets for security training.
RohanRohanCheckpoint, ASA, Palo Alto, Load Balancer
I was searching training institute for network security in Delhi NCR, finally I found UniNets for my professional courses training. I have done ASA, Checkpoint, Palo alto, Load balancer training from this institute. The best part about UniNets is that they have industry best trainers and best lab facilities with virtual racks and 24*7 access facilities. I strongly recommending this institute for networking courses.
YatirajYatirajCisco CCNP Security
I have join UniNets for CCNP security. I don't know anything before joining this institute but with the help of trainers and supporting staff I am now able to configure, troubleshoot networking devices. Trainers provided me the basic idea about network security which helps to build my security foundation. They provides 24*7 Lab facility, flexible timings, workbooks, online virtual racks, professional trainers, etc, So UniNets is the best networking institute in India.
Krishna ChandraKrishna ChandraCheckpoint CCSA, Load Balancer
Krishna Chandra has enrolled at UniNets for Checkpoint CCSA course. After completing his training of this certification course he has enrolled again for Load balancer training. He is now able to fly high in IT professionals world.
AmitAmitCheckpoint CCSA
Amit has enrolled at UniNets for Checkpoint CCSA course training. He is very happy after enrollment at UniNets. He is getting 24*7 lab access, industry best CCSA professional trainers, expert lab instructors, online racks, etc. He is now planning to get training in other firewall certification courses like CCSA, Palo alto, etc.
Lalit PandeyLalit PandeyCCIE R&S, Load Balancer, Nexus
"UniNets really made the things easy and I became an expert from a novice. Now I am placed in a top MNC based on Routing and Switching technical expertise which I obtained from wonderful trainers at UniNets. Thank you for everything to team UNINETS"
KawshikKawshikPlacement Oriented Program
I am M.Tech graduate and my interest in networking brought me here. Once I joined freshers programmy networking concepts got cleared and received multiple offers. I am currently pursuing CCIE from here.
AnupamAnupamCCIE R&S, Nexus, Load Balancer
"I was struggling to get a good job before joining UniNets. I enrolled here for CCIE R&S training. My concepts were solidify after few months. Later on I obtained multiple offers from top companies. I really thanks to UniNets for building my career to the highest level. I also enrolled here for other courses such as Nexus and Load Balancer"
Ubaid ShahidUbaid ShahidCCNA, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless
Being a fresher I was struggling to get a job, After getting enrolled for UniNets placement oriented program I got confidence and finally got placed in NetData Vault. I would definitely recommend UniNets for people like me. I will come back here for advance courses.
Piyush SinghPiyush SinghCCIE R&S, BGP+MPLS, Nexus, Load Balancer
"I have been to many other Institute for clearing my routing and switching concepts but unfortunately they were all so bad until I joined UniNets where I was trained by a CCIE R&S certified trainer himself. He helped me not only clearing my concepts but also helped me in preparing technical round of interviews. Thanks to UniNets for giving me such an expert level training"
Average Rating: 5.0 out of 5 (7 votes)
5 stars
4 stars
3 stars
2 stars
1 star
Lalit Pandey

Uninets rocks!

I love this institute, Uninets not only made my career but gave me so much I can not forget. I came here as a novice in Networking and joined routing switching course starting from ccna to ccie then nexus and F5 ltm. Full time access to all labs and every student is treated like a family, They call any time to clear doubts. Deepak and Alok Sir both are my mentors . Because of them I am now working in Oracle.

6 years ago
Vivek Khanna

Truly best institute

I started taking training from uninets in 2015 as weekend batch on CCIE RS, It felt like I did not know anything before, Here Deepak Sir explained all topics in very great detail with 99% practicals on real devices. I don’t thing anybody can teach better than him. He also hires all of his trainer with having in-depth knowledge and experience.
After completed my ccie routing switching (yet to take lab exam) I also did F5 LTM and Nexus from uninets by other trainer. I would say best experience and that’s why my salary has raised 6 time in the last 2 years. Thanks to uninets.

6 years ago
Mohit Sinha

CCIE R&S Training at UniNets

I am a regular student of UniNets as I have completed my CCNA, CCNP R&S from this Institute and believe me I never felt that they didn’t care for their old students. The Instructor was so good that I can come here again & again and the best part was that they provide 24*7 virtual rack access that anyone can use it from anywhere, anytime.
Thanks to Uninets!

6 years ago
Ramesh kumar

CCIE RS trainers and lab

Uninets provided me deep technical knowledge on ccie routing and Switching concepts with almost 100% practicals. They provided me 24×7 lab access which helped me to build my concepts and their trainers are also available always..

6 years ago

CCIE RS training

I am ccie rs lab certified, I prepared all my preparation from uninets, they provided me 24×7 lab facility with full trainer support. I will come again here for ccie data center preparation.

6 years ago

Good trainer

CCIE Trainers are best. Their concepts is clear. I think they are best trainers in industry. Their working experiences help student to grab technical solutions.

7 years ago

Hands on training on ccie

I had enrolled in this course in 2016. My trainer was Deepak Sharma. Thanks to UniNets to providing me excellent CCIE training. Your training helped me to pass my exam in first attempt. I am now working in BT with good salary package.

7 years ago

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