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Networking QA
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Networking Questions and Answers

These networking questions and answers will help IT networking professionals to get understanding of particular topics. These are general questions always comes in interviews also.

How to configure Default Routing on Cisco Router?

In this we will be talking about How to configure Default Routing on Cisco Router? Before moving on to answer of this question we will be starting by the meaning of Cisco routers because we can’t operate or configure without knowing the meaning of Cisco routers.

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What is difference between Cisco Router and Switch?

Routers and switchers are both computer networking devices. Before knowing the difference between router and switch one should know what is the meaning of router and switch?

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What is the difference between ABR and ASBR

As we have already discussed about difference between switch and router hope you understood the meaning and the difference between them. Today we are going to discuss about difference between the two main Routers i.e. Area border router (ABR) and Autonomous system border router (ASBR).

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