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Palo Alto Firewall Vs Cisco ASA: Compare

Created by Vanshika Sharma in Articles 14 Dec 2023

Palo Alto Firewall and Cisco Firewall, both are next-generation firewalls. They are a solution for security of the network. They are qualified to ensure enterprise security demands. They provide the best network security solution. If you do this backwards, you are towards doing more work for you now and in the future.  However, each has some strengths and weaknesses.

Further, when it comes to Palo Alto Firewall vs. Cisco Firewall, both get high marks from customers and industry analysts. But, they are some important differences between them. Palo Alto is a particularly good fit when it comes to performance and advanced features. Cisco is an ideal choice for those organizations that are looking out for a range of security services that can integrate with the firewall, and customers give the company strong marks for support.

Let’s through light on Palo Alto Firewall and Cisco Firewall in this article and ensure which one is ideal for your business.

Palo Alto Firewall

Palo Alto is an adaptive security application. It unleashes the power of the cloud against a known and unknown threat. It allows or denies traffic by a single fingerprint and supports your port and IP policy rules. It also allows you to create a policy based on applications of actual users in your network. Further, the Palo Alto Firewall can share globally protection with all its subscribers. If one of your companies happens to encounter any type of online attack, the networks of all other subscribers get updated with that fingerprint automatically.

The best thing about it is that it allows some functions without blocking the entire thing. For example, you are able to use Facebook but block Candy Crush. Moreover, Palo Alto applications are made around these next-generation features. It means that there are no additional modules or management screens are required.

Cisco Firewall

Cisco has a mature firewall architecture. But, this firewall typically rolls out features as modules, which means multiple management systems, sometimes for similar functions. Cisco’s Firepower is designed to let you have detected telemetry and any potentially malicious file activity across users, networks,hosts, and infrastructure. It prevents attacks in all a single view via the Firepower Management Center. Until a few years back, Cisco did not have an advanced and next-generation firewall. Its applications did not have application control and identification.  However, Cisco reintroduced the X series with Fire POWER, which includes several features. The reviews of Cisco’s Firepower are good in the IDS/IPS realm.

This recent updated of Cisco Fire Power has included additional enhancements, such as SSL decryption in software for encrypted traffic,APIs for automation and orchestration and IPS signature-tuning for false positives. It also helps customers upgrade. In general, Cisco is good for most enterprise use cases, especially when enterprises would like to deploy a broad set of security services that interact with the firewall. It is suitable for every organization from middle range to high range.It provides a unified way of managing infrastructure with its solutions. In a nutshell, Cisco is one of the stable products when compared with other similar products available in the market. However, there are certain complaints about the increased complexity of Cisco firewall for new ones.

To conclude, Palo Alto Firewall and Cisco Firewall, both are next-generation network security systems. However, more and more small and medium businesses are opting for Cisco firewall security system.

Vanshika Sharma

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