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How to prepare for CCIE Exam

Created by Amar Singh in Articles 5 Jan 2024

Without any doubt, CCIE is one of the top demanded and tough exams in the networking field. A certification in any domain of CCIE exams can land you on a highly paid and stable career designation.

If you are already in the networking field then you must be aware of the pros of CCIE but for freshers let’s have a brief look over this standardized exam.

CCIE is a certification course offered by the biggest network and security product-based company, the CISCO. CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert which is the 3rd and highest level of certification after the level 1 & 2 i.e. CCNA and CCNP respectively. Though it is not compulsory to get the certification of CCNA and CCNP before enrolling into CCIE course yet a core knowledge of both the other levels are required. To get certified in CCIE, you need to clear both written and lab tests.

Cisco offers CCIE certification in 7 different domains that you can choose from according to your understanding and interest area. The list of domains are as follows:

● Enterprise infrastructure

● Enterprise wireless

● Service provider

● Security

● Collaboration

● Data centre

● Design

Now talking about the strategies one should follow to get this prestigious certification of expertise on CISCO products, just make one thing clear, there is no shortcut to achieve it. Yes! You need to work hard and harder to be crowned with the supreme title in the networking domains, for now.

There are a few significant measures that you should follow without any fail and any disruption, like:-

1. Determination: the road you are going to walk for the next few months is not going to be easy, the determination is the first step, make yourself determined to achieve it and never think of giving up.

2. Prepare the blueprint: when you are done with fully convincing yourself, it’s time to dive into the ocean. You can start by downloading the Blueprint of the course from the CISCO’s website and based on it you can prepare your own.

3. Analyse your stand: it’s not important that you need to start from scratch and even not sure if you are good to go from the middle of the race. Critically analyse the blueprint, understand your position and then make a customized plan of study.

4. Organize the topics: never be in hurry, this certification seeks your patience level along with your networking skills. Set the topics in an order which is practical and achievable. Make small milestones to accomplish step by

5. Get experienced guidance: it’s better to go for an experienced person to start, resolve and achieve your concepts. There are some amazing training institutes and their highly trained instructors from whom you can learn a lot in a bit easy way.

6. Start with the core: before jumping to the high levels, first refine yourself on the cores of networking and security or whatever domain you choose. Get yourself fluent with the basic concepts for easy grasp.

7. PRACTICE, PRACTICE and PRACTICE: now there comes the most important and compulsory part. The more you’ll spend on the lab and practical part, the closer you will get to your aim. Don’t always look for theories, lab setup will provide the best knowledge.

8. Test yourself on every stage: after every completion of a small milestone, you made in the beginning, test yourself with practice papers. Evaluate the weak point and work on it again. Keep the cycle up until you become a master of it.

9. Make questions and solve them: it’s always good to ask questions, and it gets better when you ask it to yourself, create situations, think of the chores and then find its solution.

10. Keep yourself updated: technology is all about updates and upgrades, keep yourself aware of the changes and blogs related to the field you are working

11. Set your target date before the scheduled exam date: don’t set your target on the scheduled date, complete all your stuff days before the exam and prepare yourself with the exam ambience before the actual

12. Don’t leave the follow and don’t panic: Just CALM DOWN! A calm mind can learn better than a panic one. Never panic, stay calm and make yourself habitual of tasks and targets.

Hope these steps can help you to get the desired goal. All the best and keep trying until you achieve.

Amar Singh

Amar Singh is a senior security architect and a certified trainer. He is currently working with a reputed organization based out of India. His accomplishments include CCNA, CCNP Security, CEH, Vmware, Checkpoint and Palo Alto Certifications. He is holding more than 12 years of experience in Network security domain. In his career he has been ...

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