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Training type Instructor-led Online / Classroom Training
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Timings 2 – 4 Hours in a day
Duration 4 Weeks
Certificates *UniNets Training Certificate*
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Security is one of the biggest priorities in today’s world. Likewise, providing physical security to home & office premises, digital security is also rising on the priority list. Furthermore, these days network security is becoming even more essential as technical crime is rising and posing a serious threat to the financial world, among various vendors who provide network security like CISCO, Juniper Checkpoint, etc. Cisco is considered the pioneer in offering secure network services. Moreover, advanced CISCO ASA training is regarded as the best in the world.

Course overview

ASA firewalls can monitor or regulate a wide number of security devices consisting of both hardware & software firewalls. An ASA firewall training will equip you with the necessary skills to upgrade your networking knowledge and help you stay upfront in the dynamic networking world. Furthermore, it will increase your expertise in the core operating system. Likewise, the course also focuses on apex-level web-based threat protection firewalls.

Our advanced Cisco ASA training will enable you to offer protection to all the major corporate networks and in-depth knowledge of antivirus, firewall, preventing intrusion, and many more detailed network protection facilities. Likewise, our course is specially designed to upgrade network professionals so that they can create a subtle defense system to prevent the attack from spreading through the various channels of the network.

Course Prerequisites

No hardcore prerequisites are needed. But those who want to pursue the course must hold a valid CCNA Security Certification or CCIE certification. Nevertheless, the chances to crack the exam more easily and get more success depend on the following.

  • Firstly if you are a hardcore IT professional, you can make it easily
  • Secondly, if you have good knowledge of network terms & internetworking concepts things would be easier.
  • Thirdly you need an in-depth knowledge of CCNA routing & routing protocol & CCNA switching & switching protocol.
  • Fourthly, it is mandatory to have a basic knowledge of the interior gateway protocol
  • Lastly, the final factor is the target audience

It is all about networking. And network engineers will be the ideal ones to pursue the course.

Network support staff responsible for implementing ASA in companies must try this course. Likewise, this will help to upgrade their knowledge.

Why should you learn?

Cisco Firewall ASA is the most advanced network security device. It combines various capabilities like antivirus, a virtual private network(VPN), Firewall & intrusion prevention methods. Therefore it creates a proactive threat defense system. This course will benefit you in several ways like

  • Firstly, Cisco ASA is considered to be the finest security device for routing
  • Next, a certified professional get multiple job opportunities from the country’s top management.
  • Thirdly, this course can help you to get global recognition and a multitude of worldwide opportunities 
  • Fourthly a Cisco firewall ASA course will secure your position in top multinational giants
  • Lastly, a network security specialist job is in huge demand in the IT industry across the globe. And an online CISCO ASA training course will let you grab a secure position in a top, high-paid IT company.
What will you learn?

A CISCO ASA firewall course will give you a complete understanding of all CISCO security products and how to apply them. Likewise, we have jotted down the learning areas of a candidate willing to take our course.

  • A Cisco ASA training will let you know about the basics of CISCO ASA firewalls.
  • Give you complete knowledge about the transparent mode of deployment
  • Give you an in-depth knowledge of deep packet inspection
  • Network address translation will be easier for you 
  • A complete guide to Static & dynamic route confirmation
  • Permit of trafficking at various security label
  • The course will let you manage & configure complex security policies at ease.
  • Lastly, it will assist in configuration of NAT, PAT, SLL & VPN
How do we provide training?

We provide a variety of training options like classroom training and online training. Moreover, as most of the candidates are working professionals who cannot join the classes on a daily basis, we are also providing instructor-led online classes. This is what they can access at their convenience.

All our courses are personalized, offering a customized approach according to a learner’s needs. Nevertheless, we rely on zoom or other meeting solutions for online classes, and our highly trained instructors are available to provide you with complete assistance with one-to-one doubt clearing sessions.

Facilities during training

Besides providing online & offline VPN training, we offer a number of facilities to make your learning a more easy and more engaging experience. Therefore our industry expert instructors provide training in a very user-friendly language so that everyone can reap its benefits. Mentioned below are some of the course features:

  • The course is driven by a team of Experienced and Professional Instructor
  • Unlimited Virtual Labs Access for 45 days
  • Online Lab Guides as per your convenience by experts
  • Lifetime Streaming Access to all high-quality Training Recording
  • Exam Guidance
  • Instant Training Completion Certificate from UniNets
  • Provides remote access to our courses
  • Live training videos with high-quality & engaging content

Related Certification exams details

300-730 SVPN exam

The course Syllabus is as follows

  • Fundamental of ASA
  • The default behavior of ASA
  • Managing ASA
  • DNS Doctoring
  • DNS Route lookup
  • Network address translation (NAT) Section 1
  • Section 2 of NAT
  • NAT Section 3 Practical
  • Twice NAT
  • Security context
  • Active Failover
  • Single Mode Active-Standby
  • Active-Standby in Multiple Mode
  • Transparent Firewall
  • Modular Policy Framework


What Are The Mode Of Training Available?

We provide both online & offline modes of training. Online training is instructor-led video training or through zoom/other meeting solutions. Offline training is classroom-based.

What is the duration of the course?

The CISCO ASA Firewall training takes around one month to complete and takes 2- 4 hours per day to study the course module, and you can opt for both online and self-paced training.

What are the objectives of the course?

  1. Firstly to comprehend and provide options for remote access to VPNs that are available on Cisco-based Firewalls & routers
  2. Secondly, to demonstrate case by case VPN solutions possible on Cisco firewalls & routers
  3. Thirdly to review and design case by case remote access VPN solutions
  4. Lastly, troubleshoot & review as per industry best practices for processes on different VPN solutions & implementations

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