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Red Hat Training
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Training type Instructor-led Online / Classroom Training
Facilities Industry Expert Trainer | 24*7 Virtual Lab Access | Study Materials
Batch Type Weekends / Weekdays
Timings 2 – 4 Hours in a day
Duration 1 MONTH
Certificates *UniNets Training Certificate*
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Red Hat training course for RHCSA certification

The IT sector has evolved as a great platform of opportunity in the last few decades. But, to grab these opportunities, you need to load yourself with some skills and training. Hence, UniNets has come up with a great chance for you to develop skills. For instance, to acquire knowledge and skills through Red Hat training in Delhi. And shape your career as beautiful as you could dream.

Linux is one of the most authentic and most affordable OS in the market. Its strongest plus point is that it is really tough to crack and hack it hence, making it super secure for use. As a result, many organizations and companies started to relay on Linux OS. And, this created a huge void of professionals to handle the system. Therefore,  it ultimately generated many high-paid job opportunities in the industry. But, to enter the world you need to get Red hat training first.

UniNets is here to help you attain these skills under the guidance of industry experts. The contents of your courses are designed in a manner to develop the skill in you from scratch. Therefore, it helps in developing deep and clear concepts with the knowledge to help you in the long run.

UniNets as the best providers of Red Hat training in Delhi

Linux Red Hat certification and its training are not as simple as it seems to. Hence, it requires a well-designed course, even if specifically talking about the RHCSA exam.

Therefore, UniNets only relies on its expert instructors and trainers for the designing and delivering of training. This is just an instance, there are many other features making us the best institute for RHCSA Red Hat training in Delhi.

Features of UniNets RHCSA course:

  • Well-designed course: Linux training could be a complex skill to understand. Hence, our courses are designed in a very systematic and in chronological order for best understanding.
  • Updated syllabus: OS is one of those technological products which gets updated over a period of time. And, to match the pace, UniNets keep an eye on it and update our syllabus simultaneously.
  • Virtual labs: RHCSA exam tests your practical knowledge more. Hence, UniNets provides Virtual labs for your hands-on practice.
  • 24*7 access to labs: we have no bars on your study convenience, therefore our Virtual labs are accessible anytime and from anywhere.
  • Industry’s best trainers: UniNets trainers are the experienced and expert trainers to deliver the best of skills.
  • Practical knowledge: RHCSA exam is practically based exam. Therefore, we focus on practical practices more. As our motive is to make you comfortable with the practical troubleshooting
  • Study materials: workbooks will be provided to you for a systematic study.
  • Online classes-instructor led: the session will be delivered by instructors and experts.

Certificate of training: after your completion of training, you will be provided with a certificate to validate your acquired skill.

Objectives of RHCSA course at UniNets

The course at UniNets will cover the following major domains to make you completely prepared for the RHCSA exam and to work as professionals in the industry.


  • To make you capable of using several tools. For instance, access shell prompt and issue commands.
  • Creating links, both soft and hard.
  • Use of SSH
  • Creating shell scripts- major commands
  • Configuration of local storage
  • Operations on MBR and GPT
  • System running operations: boost, reboot and shut down
  • File systems: create and configure
  • Basic networking and security management
  • Management of users and groups

Although this is just to deliver an overview. But, at UniNets you can be assured that you are getting the best Red Hat training in Delhi and it will cover the detailed concepts and topics.

Overview of Linux certification- Red Hat

Linux came as a revolution in the field of IT sector. Precisely, Linux changed the whole game of Operating Systems. However, Linux is quite very much similar to Unix. But, its dynamic programming and availability as an open-source made it more successful. Also, it is the most secure and hard to crack the OS system till the date.

Moving on to RHCSA, it stands for Red Hat Certified System Administrator. This certification is a fundamental and entry-level exam. The certification will validate your knowledge and skills of handling of Red hat products. That is to say, after the training or certification of RHCSA, you will be eligible to administer the system, its handling, configure, deploy, and maintain the system.

In addition, after RHCSA, you can go for higher-level exams to obtain the certification for Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE). And further, the expert level, Red Hat Linux Automation with Ansible referred as, RH294. In fact, RHCSA is mandatory to obtain the certification of the RHCE exam.

This certification belongs to an elite group of certification which is capable of landing you to a highly paid job. Also, the first step towards more exams with high reputation and value in the IT sector. Hence, attaining its certification and course training can be really beneficial to one’s career.

Career paths after RHCSA Certification training- Linux

After acquiring the title of Red Hat Certified System Administrator, it opens several paths for you. However, no matter if you are fresher or already working you can start or switch to have a brighter career in future.

UniNets prepares you to deal and perfectly fit such job roles by providing you with a complete course of Linux Red Hat training in Delhi. So, some of such job roles are:

  • Linux System Engineer
  • Linux System Administrator
  • Systems administrator
  • Linux Support System engineer
  • Linux Support System Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Automation engineer

However, there are many more job roles and designations you can target after the training and course of Linux certifications.

Course Exam


RHCSA Exam Details:

These are some of the major facts about the exam to be known by the Linux certification aspirant.

  • Exam Code: EX200
  • Duration of exam: 3 hours
  • Exam Format: Practical
  • Conducted by: Red Hat
  • Registration at: Redhat official site
  • Exam Fees: INR 16500 + GST
  • Validity: 3 years


Q: Can a fresher do Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification?

A: Yes! In fact, it could be a great start for freshers to step-in the world of network and security.

Q: Where can I get RHCSA Red Hat training in Delhi?

A: UniNets can be an elite choice for starting and taking the Red Hat training in Delhi, especially for RHCSA certification aspirants.

Q: What is the validity of Linux RHCSA certification?

A: The validity of this certification lasts for 3 years. However, with updates in the systems, you have to update your knowledge too.

Q: Does Red Hat training in Delhi hold any scope in career-shaping?

A: Definitely. Red Hat training in Delhi from big institutes, for instance, UniNets, can help you shape your career and help you grab great opportunities.

Q: What is the salary insight after completing the RHCSA certification and its course or Red Hat training in Delhi.

A: a fresher can start with a minimum of 4 LPA. However, if you are already working, then you can expect the minimum hike of 40% to 50% on your current CTC.

Q: Which institute is the most affordable training centre for Linux Red Hat training in Delhi?

A: UniNets offers the best possible prices on courses for the aspirants. Also, for detailed information, you can contact at freely.

Q: Does RHCSA certification worth in 2021?

A: Yes, it is totally worth it in 2021. In addition, its demand is going to rise even higher in the upcoming time.

Course Content


Red Hat Course Syllabus :

RHCSA course outline
  • Basic Linux Tasks
    • Tracing the Linux History & Development
    • Script Shell Commands
    • Linux for help
    • Linux- Start & Stop
  • User and Group Account management
    • Create Accounts- user & group
    • Configuration of User profiles
    • Account Administration- user & group
  • Management of Partitions & Linux File System
    • Partition Creation
    • Navigation through Linux File System
    • File System Management
    • File System Maintenance
  • Management of files within Linux
    • Text Files- Creation & Editing
    • Trace Files
    • Regular Expression use for Text Search
    • Filter application to Text Streams
    • File Linking
    • File Backups and Restoration
  • Permissions and Ownership of Linux
    • Update permissions of File & Directory
    • Update Default Permissions
    • Edit Ownership- File & Directory
    • Special Permissions & Attributes Setting
  • File Printing
    • Local Printer Configuration
    • Printing of Files
    • Remote Configure Printing
  • Package Management
    • RPM use for package management
    • Package verification
    • Package upgrade
    • Repositories Configuration
    • Use of YUM for package management
    • Management of Advanced Package & Application
  • Kernel Services Management
    • Trip to Linux Kernel
    • Kernel Modules Customization
    • Linux initial RAM disk (initrd) image creation
    • Hardware & device driver management
    • Resource & Process Monitor
  • Bash Shell and Shell Scripts Working
    • Performing Operations of Basic Bash Shell
    • Bash Shell Script Writing
    • Bash Shell Customization
    • Input & output standard redirect
    • use of Control Statements in the Shell Scripts
  • Jobs and Processes management
    • Managing jobs and process of background
    • Use of Process Table to Manage the Processes
    • Job delay and detach
    • Job Scheduling
    • System Time Maintenance
  • System Service Management
    • System Services Configuration
    • System Logs monitoring
    • Configuration of SELinux (Security enhanced Linux)
  • Network Services Configuration
    • Network Connection
    • Routes Configuration
    • Client Network Services Configuration
    • Management of Remote Network Systems
  • Basic Internet Services Configuration
    • Email Service Configuration
    • Internet Service Control
  • Linux Security
    • Basic Security implementation
    • User Account Security
  • Hardware Management
    • Common Hardware and Resources Components Identification
    • Removable Hardware Configuration
    • Disk Quotas Configuration
  • Linux System Troubleshooting
    • System-Based Issues Troubleshooting
    • Hardware Issues Troubleshooting
    • Network Security and Connection Troubleshooting
  • Linux Installation
    • Installation Preparation
    • Linux Boot Process
    • GRUB Configuration
    • Operating System installation
  • GUI Configuration
    • Implement X
    • Display Manager Customization
    • Enabling Accessibility Settings in Linux

Timing Schedule


Topic Name Regular Weekends Instructor Name
Red Hat Full Course 30 Days 30 Days Vijit

Trainer Profile


Trainers' Profile :
Vijit Bhansali

Vijit Bhansali

Experience: 10+ Years
Certifications: CCIE, CCNP Security, CCNA Security, CCNP RS, CCNA RS, Red Hat, CEH, CompTia Certified
Associate Company: Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Wipro

Course Fee


Red Hat Training Fees :

Quick Query Numbers

+91 8448 440 748

+91 8383 961 646
Training Fee Queries (9 AM - 6 PM IST)



Students Review :

SauravSauravCheckpoint CCSA Security
I have 8 years of experience in networking but I was looking for enter in security profile. I heard the name of UniNets as one of the best networking training institute, so I enrolled for CCSA checkpoint training here. I have many things to say about UniNets, but in short, you can get 24*7 lab access, working professional trainers, workbook, virtual racks, flexible timings, minimum fees. So, I am highly recommending UniNets for security training.
RohanRohanCheckpoint, ASA, Palo Alto, Load Balancer
I was searching training institute for network security in Delhi NCR, finally I found UniNets for my professional courses training. I have done ASA, Checkpoint, Palo alto, Load balancer training from this institute. The best part about UniNets is that they have industry best trainers and best lab facilities with virtual racks and 24*7 access facilities. I strongly recommending this institute for networking courses.
YatirajYatirajCisco CCNP Security
I have join UniNets for CCNP security. I don't know anything before joining this institute but with the help of trainers and supporting staff I am now able to configure, troubleshoot networking devices. Trainers provided me the basic idea about network security which helps to build my security foundation. They provides 24*7 Lab facility, flexible timings, workbooks, online virtual racks, professional trainers, etc, So UniNets is the best networking institute in India.
Krishna ChandraKrishna ChandraCheckpoint CCSA, Load Balancer
Krishna Chandra has enrolled at UniNets for Checkpoint CCSA course. After completing his training of this certification course he has enrolled again for Load balancer training. He is now able to fly high in IT professionals world.
AmitAmitCheckpoint CCSA
Amit has enrolled at UniNets for Checkpoint CCSA course training. He is very happy after enrollment at UniNets. He is getting 24*7 lab access, industry best CCSA professional trainers, expert lab instructors, online racks, etc. He is now planning to get training in other firewall certification courses like CCSA, Palo alto, etc.
Lalit PandeyLalit PandeyCCIE R&S, Load Balancer, Nexus
"UniNets really made the things easy and I became an expert from a novice. Now I am placed in a top MNC based on Routing and Switching technical expertise which I obtained from wonderful trainers at UniNets. Thank you for everything to team UNINETS"
KawshikKawshikPlacement Oriented Program
I am M.Tech graduate and my interest in networking brought me here. Once I joined freshers programmy networking concepts got cleared and received multiple offers. I am currently pursuing CCIE from here.
AnupamAnupamCCIE R&S, Nexus, Load Balancer
"I was struggling to get a good job before joining UniNets. I enrolled here for CCIE R&S training. My concepts were solidify after few months. Later on I obtained multiple offers from top companies. I really thanks to UniNets for building my career to the highest level. I also enrolled here for other courses such as Nexus and Load Balancer"
Ubaid ShahidUbaid ShahidCCNA, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless
Being a fresher I was struggling to get a job, After getting enrolled for UniNets placement oriented program I got confidence and finally got placed in NetData Vault. I would definitely recommend UniNets for people like me. I will come back here for advance courses.
Piyush SinghPiyush SinghCCIE R&S, BGP+MPLS, Nexus, Load Balancer
"I have been to many other Institute for clearing my routing and switching concepts but unfortunately they were all so bad until I joined UniNets where I was trained by a CCIE R&S certified trainer himself. He helped me not only clearing my concepts but also helped me in preparing technical round of interviews. Thanks to UniNets for giving me such an expert level training"

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