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Palo Alto networks - installation, configuration and management
of security firewall from basic to advanced level training

Training type Intensive Online Training
Facilities Industry Expert Trainer | Unlimited Lab | Workbook & PPT | Training Videos
Batch Type Weekends / Weekdays
Timings 2 – 4 Hours in a day
Duration 4 Weeks
Certificates *UniNets Training Certificate*
Demo Class

Course overview

These days the popularity of cloud infrastructure is on the rise. Industries are using cloud facilities to store the huge form of data. Similarly, the cloud infrastructure is also susceptible to network attacks. And to prevent and safeguard it Palo alto firewall is one of the most widely adopted security solutions across the world. That is why the Palo Alto training course is getting popular lately.  This one particular course will open a door for thousands of opportunities. Likewise, it will help you to choose your dream career path.

The Palo Alto certification course will help you understand the basics of the Palo Alto firewall. Moreover, it will also enable you to configure, deploy and run the software, successfully whenever required. In addition, it will also help you to shape the network traffic by creating objects and applying them to the security policies.

At UniNets we provide the next-gen network security training. And the Palo Alto firewall is one the best of course among all. 

Course Prerequisites

To apply for this Palo Alto certification course you need to have basic knowledge of networking & network security. So, the following are recommended:

  • Knowledge of Windows servers
  • Fundamentals of computer and network
  • Knowledge of internet 

Target audience

Palo Alto training is targeted to the network professional who wants to polish their knowledge in the Palo alto network cortex. Therefore even system engineers, system analysts, and administrators can apply.

Why you should learn?

This next-gen firewall app will help you to get some of the most prestigious jobs in prestigious domains. These include security consultant, network engineer, etc.

  • Firstly the Palo Alto next-generation firewall training course will help you to configure, analyze, run and implement Palo Alto software. This is to provide advanced network security.
  • Secondly, with this advanced knowledge of firewalls, you are able to distinguish yourself from other network professionals. Likewise, you can offer the most advanced ways of cyber protection to your client.
  • Thirdly, the next-gen Palo Alto firewall is one of the most demanded certifications. Therefore by including it in your resume you will be able to get a reputed job offer from multinational giants.
  • Fourthly, the certification course is accepted and valued worldwide. So those who want to pursue their career abroad can readily apply for it. Because a lot of IT companies in the US & UK are looking for network professionals, having expertise in advanced firewall management can pay off well. 
  • Lastly, the salary package for IT professionals is generally on the higher side. And with the addition of this particular course, you will be able to get a better offer.

What you will learn?

The first and most important thing that you will learn is to prevent the threat from a system. This can be done by using the product of Palo Alto.

A Palo Alto certified candidate is considered to be a valuable asset for a company. Moreover, as he or she can use the most advanced form of cyber security, the reputation elevates. A certified professional can manage, deploy, configure and operate this next-gen solution. This in turn can offer optimal security. The following things you can learn by completing the course.

  • Firstly, get complete and in-depth knowledge of Palo Alto security product.
  • Secondly, understand the operation of next-gen firewall system.
  • Thirdly, get complete guidance on configuring & troubleshooting interface components.
  • Fourthly, know the fundamental functions of the data plane of the Palo Alto network.
  • Next, you are able to protect any network using Palo Alto Firewall products successfully.
  • Learn to configure the firewall innovatively as per the problem. This is done along with administrative and back end settings.
  • Lastly, learn how to deploy Palo Alto products altogether to get a better security function.
How we provide training?

We provide two-way training for every individual who wants to polish their technical skills. Also those who want to add more certification to amp up the value of their resume in the industry can take up this training.

Both classroom led training and online mode of training are available.

Features of classroom training
  • Training is led by highly qualified instructors
  • One to one session is available
  • We  provide courses in English, Hindi & regional language to assist each of our student
  • Everyday lab access
  • Affordable price
  • Certification after course completion
  • Exam guidance
Features of online training
  • Training is led by highly qualified instructors
  • The mode of instructor-led training is zoom or other meeting solutions
  • You can able to learn at your own pace
  • A blended learning model is available. It uses both the traditional method and online method
  • Can be accessed from any device
  • One to one session is available
  • Complete exam guidance
  • 24*7 assistance
Facilities during training

At Uninets you will get the following facilities apart from a high-class training

  • A team of experienced and professional Instructor having hands-on exposure in networking
  • User-friendly guidance with multiple language options with one to one doubt clearing session
  • Next, you will get unlimited Virtual Labs Access for 45 days. Also get lab assistance
  • Online Lab Guides by professionals with rich industry experience
  • Get both online & physical study materials that you can access on your own
  • Lifetime Streaming Access of Training at any time you want from any device
  • Recording facilities are also there. It will help you to record the training matters and access later
  • In-depth and through exam guidance with two batches. One is conducted at weekdays and other at the weekend. 
  • Training Completion Certificate from UniNets just after completion of the exam
  • Lastly, you get free demo class on request
Related Certification exams details

Palo Alto offers three certifications: PCNSE , PCCSA, PCNSA.

At UniNets we are providing PCNSE certification training. It will enable an applicant to design, deploy, configure, manage and troubleshoot Palo Alto Network.


The course is valid for two years. After this you need to reapply for recertification.


What is Palo Alto Networks course?

Palo Alto Networks is a cybersecurity company that provides a range of security products and services to protect businesses from cyber threats. The company offers a variety of courses, including training and certification programs, to help professionals learn how to use their products and stay up-to-date on the latest cybersecurity best practices. These courses cover topics such as network security, cloud security, and threat intelligence, and are designed to help professionals develop the skills and knowledge they need to protect their organizations from cyber attacks.

Is it worth doing palo alto course?

It depends on your goals and career aspirations. If you are interested in working in cybersecurity or are looking to advance your career in this field, completing a Palo Alto course may be worth considering. These courses can provide you with valuable knowledge and skills, as well as a credential that may be attractive to employers in the cybersecurity industry. However, it’s important to carefully consider the cost and time commitment involved in taking a Palo Alto Networks course, and to ensure that it aligns with your career goals and professional development needs.

Will I be able to get any free kits?

You will get the following

  • Online workbooks
  • Virtual rack access
  • Uninets Notebook
  • Streaming recorded videos

What is the timing of the course?

It takes 2-4 hours in a day.

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