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Reward Points System

Welcome to UniNets Reward Points System!

At UniNets, we believe in rewarding our users for their engagement and contributions towards building a strong community of learners and instructors.

Our reward points system allows you to earn points for various activities you perform on the platform, which can then be redeemed for courses, products or even cash!

Let’s dive deeper into how the reward points system works:

Earning Reward Points

1. Sign Up Bonus: You can earn 100 reward points just by registering on our platform.

2. Publish a Course: Publish a course on our platform and earn 400 reward points.

3. Publish a Blog or Article: Publish a blog or article on our platform and earn 250 reward points.

4. Create a Forum Topic: Create a new topic in our forum and earn 100 reward points.

5. Reply to a Forum Topic: Participate in a discussion by replying to a forum topic and earn 25 reward points.

6. Write a Course Review: Share your feedback on a course by writing a review and earn 50 reward points.

7. Pass a Course Quiz: Successfully pass a course quiz and earn 10 reward points.

8. Pass an Assignment: Submit and pass an assignment and earn 10 reward points.

9. Complete a Course: Complete a course and earn 20 reward points.

10.Leave a Comment: Share your thoughts on a course or blog by leaving a comment and earn 25 reward points.

Redeeming Reward Points

1. Course Purchase: You can use your reward points to purchase any course available on our platform.

2. Product Purchase: You can also use your reward points to purchase any product available on our store.

3. Convert to Cash: You can convert your reward points to cash in your wallet (Charge Account) for shopping any product on this platform.

It's important to note that 100 reward points is equal to 1 USD.

You can check your reward points balance in your account dashboard.

At UniNets, we encourage you to participate actively in our platform and earn reward points. Our reward points system is our way of appreciating your engagement and contributions towards our community.

Start earning reward points today and enjoy the benefits of being a part of our community!