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Intrusion Prevention

The latest technology in information security is Intrusion Prevention. Rather than relying on human intervention to respond to an attack, Intrusion Prevention Systems automatically stops hackers, worms, and disgruntled employees before their attacks can complete. This all happens before they can cause damage, potentially saving your organization millions.

With this training you will learn:-

●Understanding network security: Participants gain a basic understanding of network security, including the many risks, attack methods, and weaknesses that could be used by malevolent parties.

● Intrusion detection systems (IDS): Training often includes an overview of IDS technologies and methodologies used to monitor network traffic and identify suspicious activities or patterns.

● Intrusion prevention systems (IPS): IPS training focuses on the implementation and configuration of IPS solutions, which actively intervene to block or prevent identified threats from compromising a network.

● Signature-based detection: This training component covers the use of signature-based detection techniques, where known patterns or signatures of known threats are used to identify and prevent attacks.

● Anomaly-based detection: Anomaly-based detection involves learning how to detect and respond to abnormal or suspicious network behavior that may indicate a potential intrusion. This training includes understanding normal network traffic patterns and recognizing deviations from the norm.

● Vulnerability assessment and patch management: Participants are often trained in conducting vulnerability assessments to identify weaknesses in systems and implementing effective patch management processes to address those vulnerabilities.

● Security best practices: Training in intrusion prevention also emphasizes security best practices, such as strong access controls, password policies, secure configurations, and regular security updates.

● Incident response and handling: Participants may receive instruction on incident response procedures, including how to detect, investigate, and respond to security incidents effectively.

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New Cisco ACI Training Live Batch Starts June 15th!
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