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Cisco MDS and UCS training. Expert trainers, world class lab facility, workbook, virtual racks

Cisco MDS Storage and UCS Training

The Cisco MDS Storage is course for the end-user customer consisting of lectures and labs. Cisco MDS Storage training is a comprehensive hands-on experience which familiarizes data center systems engineers, field engineers, architects, and Cisco partners who implement storage networking solutions with the Cisco MDS 9000 Series switch platform.

Join one of the most highly regarded and experienced CCIE instructors in the industry at one of the best Cisco UCS training institute in Delhi, India (Uninets), for a comprehensive look at how unified communications have evolved as well as Cisco’s recommendations for running unified communications over their very popular rack-mount and blade-server Unified Computing System (UCS). The class will expand your understanding of unified communications and prepare you to deploy Cisco Unified Communications on both their UCS line of rack-mount and blade servers and their distributed virtual switch running on ESXi the Nexus 1000v.


Course Content


Storage and UCS Course Syllabus :

MDS Course Content
  1. Learn the concepts of Cisco Storage Networking

    • Describe standard-based SAN protocols
    • Define and implement Fibre Channel standards and protocols
    • Define SCSI standards and protocols
    • Define and implement iSCSI standards and protocols
    • Configure and implement FCIP standards and protocols
  2. learn , configure and Implement the features of Fibre Channel protocols
    • Describe,implement and Configure port channel, ISL, trunking, and VSANs
    • Configuration and verifcation of basic and enhanced zoning
    • Configuration and verifcation of Fibre Channel domain parameters
    • Describe Cisco Fabric services and benefits
    • Define, Implement and Verify proper oversubscription in a Fibre Channel environment
    • Validate proper configuration of Fibre Channel storage-based solutions
  3. learn , configure and Implement the IP storage-based solution
    • Describe,implement and Configure FCIP
    • Configuration and verifcation of iSCSI and its features
    • Validate proper configuration of IP storage-based solutions
  4. learn , configure and Implement the Cisco NX-OS Unified Fabric features

    • Describe Fibre Channel features in the Cisco NX-OS environment
    • Configuration and verifcation of Fibre Channel over Ethernet protocol and technology
    • Design and implement data center bridging protocol and lossless Ethernet
    • Configuration and verifcation of implement QoS features
    • Define, Implement and Verify NPV and NPIV features in a Cisco Unified Fabric environment
    • Configuration and verifcation of FCoE NPV features
    • Define, Implement and Verify different Cisco Unified Fabric Switch modes of operations
    • Configuration and verifcation of multihop FCoE
    • Describe and configure universal ports
    • Validate configurations and troubleshoot problems and failures using command line, show, and debug commands
  5. learn , configure and Implement high-availability features in a standalone server environment

    • Describe server-side high availability in the Cisco Unified I/O environment
    • Describe the converged network adapter that is used in FCoE topologies
    • Configuration and verifcation of NIC teaming
    • Design and implement SAN management
    • Describe device manager for element management
    • Design and implement configuration management in Cisco Data Center Network Manager
    • Configuration and verifcation of connectivity and credentials that are required for DCNMSAN
    • Describe how to monitor and trend utilization with the DCNM Dashboard
UCS Course Content
  1. Learn and describe the Cisco Unified Computing System

    • Describe,implement and Configure Cisco UCS components and architecture
    • Define the concepts of Cisco UCS components and architecture
    • Define the concepts of Cisco UCS server deployment and implementation model
    • Define the concepts of Cisco UCS management features
    • Configuration and verifcation of Cisco UCS connectivity from both LAN and SAN perspectives
    • Define, Implement and Verify Cisco UCS high availability
    • Describe what the capability catalog is and how it is used
    • Configuration and verifcation of Cisco UCS C-Series integration
    • Describe the functional differences between physical and virtual adapters
  2. Configuration and Implementation of LAN connectivity in a Cisco UCS environment

    • Describe the concepts of fabric interconnect for LAN connectivity
    • Configuration and verifcation of server and uplink ports
    • Describe end-host mode
    • Configuration and verifcation of Ethernet switching mode
    • Configuration and verifcation of VLANs and port channels
    • Implement pinning and PIN groups
    • Describe,implement and Configure disjoint Layer 2 and design considerations
    • Describe,implement and Configure QoS options and configuration restrictions
    • Design and verify scalable Cisco UCS systems
  3. Describe,implement and Configure SAN connectivity in a Cisco UCS environment

    • Describe the concepts of fabric interconnect for SAN connectivity
    • Describe the concepts of end-host mode
    • Describe,implement and Configure NPIV
    • Describe,implement and Configure Fibre Channel switch mode
    • Describe,implement and Configure Fibre Channel ports for SAN connectivity
    • Describe,implement and Configure vHBA
    • Describe,implement and Configure VSANs
    • Describe,implement and Configure SAN port channels
    • Describe and implement direct-attach storage connectivity options
    • Describe and implement Fibre Channel trunking and SAN pinning
  4. Describe,implement and Configure Cisco UCS resources

    • Describe,implement and Configure service profiles in Cisco UCS, including templates and contrast with cloning
    • Describe server resource pools
    • Configuration and verifcation of updating and initial templates
    • Describe,implement and Configure boot from remote storage
    • Detail best practices for creating pooled objects
    • Explain how to use the Cisco UCS KVM with VMedia and session management
    • Configuration and verifcation of local disk options and configuration protection
    • Describe power control policies and their effects
    • Define, Implement and Verify role-based access control management groups
  5. Learn and describe the Cisco UCS management hierarchy using using ORG (Organization)

    • Describe roles and privileges
    • Describe,implement and Configure integrated authentication
  6. Learn and describe the Cisco UCS troubleshooting and maintenance

    • Understand backup and restore procedures in a Cisco UCS environment
    • Configuration and verifcation of high availability in a Cisco UCS environment
    • Describe monitoring and analysis of system events
    • Configuration and verifcation of external management protocols
    • Analyze statistical information
    • Understand the system upgrade procedure for Cisco UCS components
    • Define, Implement and Verify how to manage BIOS settings
    • Define, Implement and Verify memory extension technology


Course Fee


Cisco MDS UCS Training Fees:

Quick Query Numbers

+91 8448 440 748

+91 8383 961 646
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Trainer Profile


Trainers' Profile :


Experience: 11+ Years
Certifications: CCIE#42872 (Data Center), CCIE (Routing & Switching), CCNP Security, CCNA Security, CCNP, CCNA Wireless, CCDA, CCDP, VCP6, Checkpoint, F5 LTM
Associate Company: HCL, Wipro, Orange


Timing Schedule


Topic Name Regular Weekends Instructor Name
MDS 4 Weeks 6 Weeks Mr. ALok
UCS 4 Weeks 6 Weeks Mr.Alok
Lab Tour :

Devices used for MDS & UCS


Your Free Kit Include after Course enrolment:

  • Uninets T-Shirt
  • Uninets Notebook , Pen
  • Course Related Online Workbooks
  • Interview preparation and Communication skills training books
  • Free Virtual Rack Access




Students Review :

SauravSauravCheckpoint CCSA Security
I have 8 years of experience in networking but I was looking for enter in security profile. I heard the name of UniNets as one of the best networking training institute, so I enrolled for CCSA checkpoint training here. I have many things to say about UniNets, but in short, you can get 24*7 lab access, working professional trainers, workbook, virtual racks, flexible timings, minimum fees. So, I am highly recommending UniNets for security training.
RohanRohanCheckpoint, ASA, Palo Alto, Load Balancer
I was searching training institute for network security in Delhi NCR, finally I found UniNets for my professional courses training. I have done ASA, Checkpoint, Palo alto, Load balancer training from this institute. The best part about UniNets is that they have industry best trainers and best lab facilities with virtual racks and 24*7 access facilities. I strongly recommending this institute for networking courses.
YatirajYatirajCisco CCNP Security
I have join UniNets for CCNP security. I don't know anything before joining this institute but with the help of trainers and supporting staff I am now able to configure, troubleshoot networking devices. Trainers provided me the basic idea about network security which helps to build my security foundation. They provides 24*7 Lab facility, flexible timings, workbooks, online virtual racks, professional trainers, etc, So UniNets is the best networking institute in India.
Krishna ChandraKrishna ChandraCheckpoint CCSA, Load Balancer
Krishna Chandra has enrolled at UniNets for Checkpoint CCSA course. After completing his training of this certification course he has enrolled again for Load balancer training. He is now able to fly high in IT professionals world.
AmitAmitCheckpoint CCSA
Amit has enrolled at UniNets for Checkpoint CCSA course training. He is very happy after enrollment at UniNets. He is getting 24*7 lab access, industry best CCSA professional trainers, expert lab instructors, online racks, etc. He is now planning to get training in other firewall certification courses like CCSA, Palo alto, etc.
Lalit PandeyLalit PandeyCCIE R&S, Load Balancer, Nexus
"UniNets really made the things easy and I became an expert from a novice. Now I am placed in a top MNC based on Routing and Switching technical expertise which I obtained from wonderful trainers at UniNets. Thank you for everything to team UNINETS"
KawshikKawshikPlacement Oriented Program
I am M.Tech graduate and my interest in networking brought me here. Once I joined freshers programmy networking concepts got cleared and received multiple offers. I am currently pursuing CCIE from here.
AnupamAnupamCCIE R&S, Nexus, Load Balancer
"I was struggling to get a good job before joining UniNets. I enrolled here for CCIE R&S training. My concepts were solidify after few months. Later on I obtained multiple offers from top companies. I really thanks to UniNets for building my career to the highest level. I also enrolled here for other courses such as Nexus and Load Balancer"
Ubaid ShahidUbaid ShahidCCNA, CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless
Being a fresher I was struggling to get a job, After getting enrolled for UniNets placement oriented program I got confidence and finally got placed in NetData Vault. I would definitely recommend UniNets for people like me. I will come back here for advance courses.
Piyush SinghPiyush SinghCCIE R&S, BGP+MPLS, Nexus, Load Balancer
"I have been to many other Institute for clearing my routing and switching concepts but unfortunately they were all so bad until I joined UniNets where I was trained by a CCIE R&S certified trainer himself. He helped me not only clearing my concepts but also helped me in preparing technical round of interviews. Thanks to UniNets for giving me such an expert level training"

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